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Marijuana Plant Stresses

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rollitup, May 11, 2006.


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Stress in marijuana plantsis caused by imbalances of the plant chemistry. Generally plant stress disrupts the normal chemical reactions happening within the plant and causes ethylene ( the aging hormone) to start developing in the cells.

    A plant likes to have an average day with no surprises on any day of its life. Any unusual event in the marijuana plantslife will change its internal chemistry and result to slow growth. Some of the stress causes are

    1) WATER STRESS: There is a lack of water or too much water for the plant to absorb. Water stress in marijuana plantscauses abscisic acid to build up and closes down the stomata.

    2) NUTRIENT STRESS: Usually cased by too much, not enough, or an imbalance of the nutrients. This can attract diseases or nematodes (type of worm) and disrupt root function.

    3) Mineral Stress: It is caused by mineral imbalance in plant tissues, usually due to nutrient problems or by adding to re-circulating mixes. This causes plant growth to slow. By the time the results are visible, the problem is already very advanced. It usually takes a week or so to recover from mineral stress.

    4) PH STRESS: The PH of the nutrient solution is changing all the time as the plant uses the minerals in the surrounding nutrients and as the water is transpired by the leaves and evaporates from the nutrient solution. Wildly fluctuating PH will reduce the marijuana plantsnutrient uptake and cause deficiencies

    5) AGE STRESS: AS a plant gets older, its nutrients need to change. A tissue analysis will show the plant using totally different quantities of each nutrient as it ages. In highly supercharged garden systems, the nutrient fed to marijuana plantsis different for each week of growth. Mature or ageing marijuana plantsneed far less nutrients.

    6) IRREGULAR LIGHT CYCLES: These will change the hormonal balance in marijuana plantsthat use the length of light and dark to tell when to flower.

    7) PLANT DAMAGE: Any damage causes the plant to change its chemistry to repair the damaged are of the plant

    8) ROOT DAMAGE: Either physical or chemical causes the plant to divert its chemistry to keep the roots advancing and creating new root hairs to absorb food. Roots can’t actually rebuild themselves when damaged; they just seal off the damaged section and move around it.

    9) Environmental extremes / Diseases: The can cause a plant to age and flow prematurely, a female plant to produce viable seeds without being fertilized, or just cause poor growth.

    Another article will be written that explains parasites and insects
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    kivanocnnor Active Member

    Our crop suffered from this a few times so i was wondring what is the best way to water the plants ?
    We used a spray type method for watering the plants which kept the leaves moist and also the soil.

    hempgrower Active Member

    I Generally do not recomend spraying, the water intensifies the sun and will burn the leaves, just a regular old bucket and put the water in the pot. I usually water about 1 hr after the light turns off that way it does not get evaporated and the plant is able to use it more efficiatly.

    If you are having problems when to water your precious weed plant buy one of those water level meters, costs $10 at walmart.

    happy growing

    trynasmoke Active Member

    How often should i turn my light on or off? and how long should it stay on or off?

    preoQpydDlusion Well-Known Member

    It depends how old your plant is. early when its still a youngun it needs alot of light, but when its mature, u should change it up a bit. want specifics? check out How To Grow Marijuana-Newbie Central-Growing Marijuana, it covers lighting, soil, nutrients, harvesting, all of the basic things u need to know to have a happy plant.
    Chronic AK

    Chronic AK Well-Known Member

    18-6 is what i keep it at

    trynasmoke Active Member

    AK How many watts is your light?

    Adrock Active Member

    Hey Trynasmoke! I use T5 flourescent bulbs. I use a 4 ft. 4 bulb fixture for vegetative growth. 18 hrs on and 6hrs off.
    For flowering I use a 1,000 watt HPS(high pressure sodium). 12 on and 12 off.
    This is one way to grow the most beautiful ladies you've ever seen.

    laserbrn Well-Known Member

    I'm stoned as hell again, but I don't get this? You water 1 hr AFTER the light goes off to avoid evaporation? Is evaporation really a bigger problem than mold? Unless you are A) really good in the dark or B) using a feeding system, how are you not breaking the dark cycle by feeding in the dark?

    You should water at the very beginning of the light cycle or when it's warm enough if you are in a cold winter month. I try not to water my plants until the temp of the water and the air are within 2 degrees.

    If you are using soil pick up your pots when they are full of soil, but completely dry. That is what your pot weighs dry. When you pick up your pots and they almost feel that weight, it's time to water. You really want to let the soil dry out and you soak it again. This allows the roots to get oxygen and avoid root rot. Mixing perilite in your soil at 1/3 will help you avoid the overwatering problem by allowing that oxygen in.

    Good luck, happy growing, and future smoke.

    tokintwin Well-Known Member

    i can see the roots in the bottom of my pot do i risk root boundage or sumthing of that sorts

    Streetsk8 Well-Known Member

    yes u shall transplant when seeing root at the bottom
    that means u are root bound and the plant will stop growing and die

    HippiePower Well-Known Member

    How i test if my plants need water, i put my finger in the soil..if its kind of moist then i let it stay their for a day, but if its dryish more...ill water it..thats just how i recommend =)

    DiggityDank4me Well-Known Member

    you should probley transplant that.

    Gorlax Well-Known Member

    Good read, would under watering cause a slight yellowing of leaves?

    jaedenn08 Active Member

    the yellowing of the leaves could be from anything.........literally! my suggestion to you man is f'n read it all in........Order books from amazon.com about how to grow Indoors/outdoors, read it and then read it again, and again.......you will never go wrong.
    this is my first grow as well and believe me at first it was very f'n intimidating but then i just studied bro and am still studying everyday as my babies grow.......i am growing under 3 x 4ft fluoresents (T-8's) from Lowes for $20.00 each.........and while i was there i bought a large bag of Scott's Soil w/ a N.P.K. of .07-.01-.03 for $13.00 and a bag of Miracle Gro perlite to mix in with it o that the soil can breath and allow the roots to breath which is the whole point............(i would not suggest usig any othr of he Miracle Gro products as they are difficult for the bewb to grow in asyou have to dilute it and all............get the soil and perlite and use tap water that has been sitting in room temp for 24 hours UNLIDDED to water your plants.......this is all your plant(s) will need for the first 2 to 3 weeks of their lives.....during this time the plants leaves will turn yellow as the N.P.K. begins to thin out from the soil mix from extensive watering for tyhe first two weeks of the plants lives..........after that .....well.........your just gonna have to go and buy some grub for your lil ones.......I suggest HTGSupply.com.......they have EVRYTHING you need and they i swear to the gods of all things green that they are a stand up ligit company...........see for yourself! good luck..........and P/M me if you have a Q that needs 2 b answered.
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    hugetom80s Well-Known Member

    Yeah, if you underwater the leaves will wilt a bit and dry out, which will create some yellowing. But like jaedenn08 says, there's a lot things that can cause yellowing. Yellowing is like the plant's equivalent of a fever - all it says is that there's something wrong. It's how the plant is yellowing that's important.

    If the top is yellowing more, that says one thing. If the bottom is yellowing more, that's a different thing. If the leaves are yellowing but the veins are still green, or if the yellowing is splotchy... you get the idea. Different symptoms spell out different issues.

    cosmofraek Active Member

    can you post pictures on all the different types of stresses that you mentioned?

    growtosmoke Well-Known Member

    I have read in several places including the cannabis grow guide that you should have the plants in light for 24 hours a day during the first 4 weeks. Is this true? if not and I have had my new plants (really my first time trying to grow) on a 24 hour light supply for the last 2 weeks. Should I change this to a 18/6 or leave it as is as it has been this way for the last 2 weeks. I do not want to stress the plants as I have heard that this can happen when you change light cycle. (my luck I'd end up with all males!)

    Thank you

    nelsonjacob Active Member

    i also have the same question about the roots showing thur the bottom of the pot,
    will this cause damage or just draw water from the bottom and the top

    nelsonjacob Active Member

    for some reason it is not letting me post

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