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Marijuana anatomy

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Nepaljam x Oaxaca, Nov 28, 2011.

    Nepaljam x Oaxaca

    Nepaljam x Oaxaca Active Member

    Apical Bud - The top bud on the main stem. If your cannabis plant is topped there will be multiple apical buds. These buds tend to be the largest on the plant (as they get the most light), and account for the majority of bud weight on the cannabis plant.

    Bud - A bud is an undeveloped or embryonic shoot. On the cannabis plant, they can be found at every node and at the end of each stem. These get huge and recognizable during the flowering stage. They are also what you'll be smoking when you harvest the plant. They only occur on female plants.
    Branch - An informal term, but regularly used by many growers, including myself, to differentiate the main stem from the stems coming off of it.

    Cola - The bud at the end of a stem. These are where the majority of bud will be found.

    Grow Tip - Found at the end of each stem. The grow tip is the highest point of the stem, and the stem will quit growing outward if it is cut.

    Internode - The part of stem that is between nodes.

    Lateral Bud - Any cola at the end of a branch. These tend to yield the second largest amount of bud on the plant, following the apical bud.

    Leaf - A very recognizable feature on a cannabis plant. They are composed of 5-9 leaflets, each attached to the petiole, on a mature plant. When germinating, however, the first set of leaves only has one leaflet each, and the second are likely to have three.

    Node - If you follow a branch back to the main stem, you'll have found a node. Any given node will have a stem, a leaf under it, and either a bud or a pollen sac.

    Petiole - The stalk of the leaf, connecting it to the stem.

    Pollen Sac - The male sex organ of a plant. These hang down from nodes. If you see these on a plant, you should immediately cut the plant down and throw it out. They will make the rest of your plants full of seeds.

    Roots - You know what roots are. They absorb water and nutrients...and need to have contact with oxygen. There is nothing particularly special about cannabis roots.

    Shoot - New plant growth, this usually refers to a stem.

    Stem - The hollow, tubular tissue that creates the framework of the cannabis plant. The main stem is the one that is directly connected to the roots. The other stems are often referred to as branches to avoid confusion.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    I believe it's called taxonomy. But thanks for the copy and paste. It belongs right here in the noob section

    OldLuck Well-Known Member

    Very nice, thank you.

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    thegreenlegend Member

    Taxonomy is the science of identifying, naming and classifying plants.
    A large part of taxonomy is devoted to nomenclature which is the system of naming plants. For example we would look at our marijuana plant and say that this plant is cannabis Sativus and the the particular strain or "variety" you are growing would look like: Cannabis sativa; C. big bud

    Anatomy Can refer to anything from internal to external structure therefore the proper term would be external structure.

    Nepaljam x Oaxaca

    Nepaljam x Oaxaca Active Member

    You are RETARDED

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