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Mango Kush

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by ElBarto, Aug 20, 2008.


    ElBarto Well-Known Member

    I've been reading a lot about this strain but I can't find anyone selling seeds.

    Is this strain clone only?

    ElBarto Well-Known Member


    Anyone seen these seeds in their favorite vendor's catalog?

    ElBarto Well-Known Member

    Maybe there really is no "Mango Kush".

    Maybe what people are calling "Mango Kush" is really one of the two or three "Mango" strains going around.

    drumsinttown Well-Known Member

    In two years of working at a dispensary, I never saw a mango kush. Always mango....

    drumsinttown Well-Known Member

    That being said, the mango we came across was pretty amazing.... While you are talking about fruit strains, you should find banana..... and no, not bwunana, but banana. One of the mellowest smell and smokes I have ever seen.... Great sativa.... Really really popular strain
    Moe Byrne

    Moe Byrne Active Member

    I actually just ran into Mango Kush Sativa.. and it was insane in all perspectives.

    frmrboi Well-Known Member


    gangjababy Well-Known Member

    there is a mango haze, but I haven't heard of mango kush.

    xXMaslanXx Well-Known Member

    a friend of mine was telling me how he knows this girl that was growing this and it was gone in about 5 hours, everyone wanted it......but if anyone can find a place that will ship the seeds to the US hit me up :) you'll be really helping me out

    Dankwise Well-Known Member

    youll never find seeds only clones, this is a so-cal / nor-cal strain from an unknown breeder.. ive had it a handful of times in socal and its usually potent but the smell is of cherry caugh syrup kind of sick tasting too, not one of my favorites, the soul assassin o.g. kush is much better, im growing some right now
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    bayburner420 Active Member

    if you want some straight dank.. there is a club in the SF bay area that sells mango diesel. this is a great club called purple elephant and theyre awesome with their bud, 70 day cure . many of their strains have been cross bred over the past couple of years and came out with some beautiful bud! heres the weed tracker link.. http://www.weedtracker.com/forums/showthread.php/smoke-report-pics-81506.html but its a cross of their mango kush and sour diesel. ended up getting 3 seeds out of my gram! :weed:

    xXMaslanXx Well-Known Member

    Im in the Chicago land

    BigFatDubieMan Member

    weedseeds.com has mango kush im thingking of buying some its actualy pretty cheap only like 25 aud and some belladona

    ent931 Well-Known Member

    +rep that shit looks so dank

    pnq Member

    i just started a grow log of some mango kush. i did a little bit of homework and found that mango kush is a cross of afghani and kc-33 that ends up being pure indica. the seeds do seem hard to come by, theyre only on a couple uk sites. mine were bagseed that must have been from a nug that got some light and turned hermie.

    tingpoon Well-Known Member

    [​IMG]i have heard of mango haze but mango kush i always thought was a legend haha

    soggynoodlez Member

    i picked up some seeds from a friend of mine about 2 weeks ago and i was curious is mango kush ever existed but looking at ent931's pic i'm pretty sure i got some mango kush seeds from looking at how my plant resembles the plant in the pic

    pandorasboxg Active Member

    phat buhda has mango kush clones & they are not cheap. i will be starting a new journal soon with white fire og kush(sativa dom), royal kush(indica dom), and mango kush(sativa dom). have the garden going already and its larger than i want to show (and im kinda sick of know it all trash talkers who have probably actually never grown) on here but i will post some stuff soon.

    BubbaGum Well-Known Member

    Before I moved to california I was from that area and I once came across mango kush. It was easily one of the strongest ONE HIT knockouts I've ever experienced and tastewise it was strong, non musky, non earthy, just straight OLD SCHOOL kush mixed evenly with strong mango on the dot. I cried when the 8th didn't yield a seed. I'd love for more info on this one the nugs looked kinda sparse, yet really dense. probably wasn't a high yielder but the smell, taste and high were just incredible.

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