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man i love cfl's

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by domread1985, Jun 28, 2008.


    domread1985 Well-Known Member

    my buds are growing well for cfls i dont think for now anyway that i switch to hps i am now taking bet's for yield (dry)

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    Bling Bling BC

    Bling Bling BC Well-Known Member

    good lookin girl im just starting a cfl grow any tips would really help...ps how do i start a posting in this fourm

    Twistyman Well-Known Member

    Welcome fellow/ette, Canuck.... To start a thread..go at top to mar. forums..click..then scroll down to topic..outside..inside....etc click on topic then when at the posts at the top left...then you'll see start new thread..click...
    As for cfs.. More light = more weed = more :):):)

    crazy-mental Well-Known Member

    looking good.
    do you have 2 lights and 2 plants.
    anyway they look great, for now.

    FarmingToronto Well-Known Member

    Just curious for a little information about your setup if you could ?!?. Looks like you have 2 42W CFL's in there. Is that all ? and what are the dimensions of your area ? It looks similar in size to something I'm just starting up !! Any advice would b greatly appreciated.
    And those are some nice looking pictures man !!!


    domread1985 Well-Known Member

    no the bulbs are 2 2oowatt each bulb big babys

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