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making a reflector out of tin foil and cardboard

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by ddriver, Oct 22, 2008.


    ddriver Well-Known Member

    hi, I hot me a 400W hps and ballast, but right now there are no reflectors available

    so I have to make a simple reflector - my plan is to use some hard hardboard to make the shape and then warp it in aluminum foil, maybe crubmle it a bit so it is not straight and create hot spots

    what do you think? will it get the job done for a couple of weeks till my real reflector arrives?

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    it'll do the job, just not as well as an actual reflector... plus you're essentially baking the cardboard.
    Fire Lion

    Fire Lion Active Member

    ok, stay away from the use of foil as it give off alot off heat, what i can suggest is that u can geta shoe box minus the cover, line the inside with mylar and use that as your reflector,,it's quite easy to do

    ganjaman13 Well-Known Member

    the crumbling is what causes hot spots you want it wrinkle free

    cooker06 Well-Known Member

    yea thats what i thought wouldn't you want it straight on the foil?
    Genetic Genius

    Genetic Genius Member

    Straight foil, just make sure its really flat, and tape it down with electric tape, it only gets like 80-85 degrees, put in a fan on the side of the box just a dollar store one ran on batteries, even put inside the box an jus poke holes in places so air can flow. ive never used anything cept foil an i smoke good..

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