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Make the Moon great again.

Discussion in 'Technology / Science' started by Dr.Pecker, Dec 23, 2017.


    Dr.Pecker Well-Known Member

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    RetiredGuerilla Well-Known Member

    Man....you know that moon landing is fairy tale sci fi BS right? They had to quit "going" way back in 1972 because the hoax would be uncovered if they continued. With the advancements in technology NASA should have live feeds of the earth from the moon. Would have been cool during the eclipse in Aug. but no. The reason they haven't been back is because it's impossible. The Earth is an enclosed system with a firmament.If u let NASA convince you that the earth is one of billions of planets within billions galaxies and your existence is a cosmic accident and not meaningful with purpose. Then the ideas of God and creation become unlikely. The Rothchild's want you to sacrifice your soul at the altar of materialism and become a slave to the dollar.

    MarWan Well-Known Member

    It's the altar of the Golden calf, it only grew bigger at the wall street.
    The Wall Street bull as seen in New York’s financial district.
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