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Mail Order Marijuana (MoM)

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by BudDragon, Mar 12, 2007.

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    BudDragon New Member

    Hello, my name is BudDragon aka Doobie Snax and i have been a long-time member of boards.cannabis.com and have had many successful months providing MoM over there, and i am looking to expand my customer list. I only supply to the UK and have the juiciest most potent mail order buds around. Delivery is free, and i have hash and oil as well as bud. Just shoot me a mail at [email protected]
    Peace & happy tokin'!

    ViRedd New Member

    I can see the writing on the wall now: "News Flash ... International Internet drug cartel brought down by Interpol. Millions arrested, many put to death!"


    cali-high Well-Known Member


    international drug cartel lol i was gonna say that haha


    BudDragon New Member

    Whatever mate, i've had plenty of people from this site alone in the past 2 days that have seen how i'm not bullshitting.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    You've had many successful months providing MoM over there huh? You must inform Jodie over there, cause you certainly are not an "approved" mom supplier over there. Nor can I find anything about you over there at all. Not one post using that email address, or either of the two names you give. So now your credability is shot.

    Everybody should be warned about dealing with MoM's that have zero references.

    Once you send money, and have nothing, you'll see. Most reputable MoM's have a hard time supplying the customers they have, and as such, don't usually take on new customers in such a blatant way.

    In fact the ONLY other post I found of yours was after doing a search for your email addy and came upon a post of yours over at hipforums.com. It seems you are trying to profit from the ignorance and trust of newbies. I feel rather confident as you've already lied, that you wouldnt hesitate to rip anyone off stupid enough to send you money.


    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    Nice Investigation Videoman, that rubbish in here is not wanted, already liein and you want us to send you money? fuck... get the fuck out.

    Kryztina Well-Known Member

    Thats low man....
    I think the dead givaway is the free shipping.....
    never heard of shipping free....
    nothing is ever really free...
    and if sooo successful...y is he/she posting here?????

    bluerasta Well-Known Member

    well played dirty scammer he went a bit quiet went i mentined the word samples

    Hydroflo Well-Known Member

    <---- Loves Videoman =D

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Hey, there are mail order marijuana places that are reputable....to some degree anyway. They'll send you the product that you ordered, and good product too, but you pay through the nose for this service. Jays joints is one such service that has a "proven" track record. If memory serves me right (it dosent always work) Jay gets like $15.00 for a one gram joint. Do the math, thats expensive. although, this is a good way to ship, using pre-rolled joints. Much better than sending buds thru the mail.
    420penguin likes this.

    bluerasta Well-Known Member

    yeah youre right there are a few reputable ones , but many more scammers
    as for the one you metioned above they ship to the us were most won`t
    touch.as for buddragon didn`t like my e-mail eh, what too many questins you couldn`t answer you tosser,
    anyway you certainley go down as the worst scammer i have witnessed,
    i think most people worked it out in 10 secs
    these places are for helping people and having some fun.
    you need to sort yourself out bro cause your heading for fall
    remember you reap what you sow

    BudDragon New Member

    I'm not even going to come up with some long script like you, i don't need to.

    CANNABIS.COM Message Boards - Quality Marijuana and Hemp Information - Search Results

    I'll accept an apology from you whenever you feel ready. However, everything that comes out of your mouth is seemingly flaming bullshit so i don't even want you to speak. Just sit there. Quietly. Wishing you could crawl into a hole after the prick you just made of yourself.

    YOUR credability is shot, you can't even use a simple 'search' function on a website. You are retarded and need to seek professional medical help, and i'm hoping every other fool that didn't take the time to check me out before flaming the thread, also feels ashamed. However, i don't really give two fucks, as this is a forum, your post count clearly indicates you sit at your computer jacking off to internet porn and finding people to argue with. Get a life. Grow up. You sadden me.



    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Dude, buddragon, how stupid are you? I took you up on your offer, and wasted my time searching for you and your posts over there.....and guess what? Your banned from over there, they threw your ass out! Here is a simple cut and paste from over there....
    Doobie Snax [​IMG]
    (this is a clickable link for anyone who actually cares to see)

    I certainly hope that you are NOT holding your breath while awaiting for my apology? Having said that.....fuck you!

    In searching and reading your posts, it became obvious that you ripped some people off over there, got banned and are now trying your luck here.

    I can't think of anything worse than a rip-off, some-one who preys on making money off the unsuspecting and/or trusting nature of others. You suck.

    Go into your bathroom, and take that much needed shower, than go wash your clothes, and go get a job so you can EARN your own money....after doing so, I hope you front your hard earned cash to someone, who takes it and runs faster than you do!

    Hydroflo Well-Known Member

    You go Videoman!!

    Hydroflo Well-Known Member

    BD/DS your a loser!! go take a shower!!

    Nizzan Well-Known Member

    Nicely said Videoman!!!!!

    bluerasta Well-Known Member

    hey bud dragon getting a bit personal man
    don`t worry it is my honour and privalege to tell all what you are,
    youre just another two bob scammer,and honestly not a very good one,
    i havent heard one positive thing about you yet,
    so what am i going to think,
    if you keep up this kind off living you are bound to get fucked over youreself
    so laters tosser

    Purple_Ganja Well-Known Member

    BudDragon said "your post count clearly indicates you sit at your computer jacking off to internet porn and finding people to argue with. Get a life. Grow up. You sadden me."

    Actually, I've only been on this forum for about 2-3 months and have found videoman to actually be one of the most helpful people even on this site. This is the first time I've ever seen him flame anyone at all actually, but dude you deserve it. People like you are why its so hard to trust people today. The only thing a post count indicates is how many posts you have up dumbshit, not what they post or to whom. BudDragon, don't bring your bullshit scams here, we're a community of helpful people that actually get along pretty fucking well without some half-ass scam artist trying to make a buck off us.

    And what were you even thinking anyway? Starting shit with videoman? If you'd spent one day researching this site, you'd probably know doing that wouldn't be very smart, so watch as everyone jumps to his side while you're left standing there in front of everyone with your head stuck between your legs kissing your own dairy air. Take a hint, stop wasting your time here.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    Purple ganja, (and the rest of you too), thanks for the support. I do believe in this community. It has become some form of an extended family to me too, I can loose my temper as well as the next guy, but when my pain killers are working good, I have alot more patience than when they aren't.
    I got some new STRONG meds this weekend, lollipops! Thet work pretty good, but even on these drugs, there is no need to be patient with a person of this caliber.
    I really hope no-one sent this guy any money.

    blackout Well-Known Member

    dont fuckwits like this get banned or shot,the fuckwit deserves both stupi cunt:evil:
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