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Looking To Start A Small Outdoor Grow Op

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Boomie, Jan 17, 2007.


    Boomie Active Member

    Hey Guys,
    This is my first post on this forum, and I am a total noob when it comes to growing marijuana. I live just north of Toronto, Ontario and would like to grow a couple plants this spring / summer. I was just wondering what the best month would be to start, as well what supplies I will need. The only thing I have planned out so far is the location in a stranded field behind my house that is taken over my tall weeds, no one ever goes back there so I figure I am fine. As well I plan on placing tomato fence around the plants and hooking a car battery up to it just incase someone finds them n decides to take somthing for them selves. Good idea or no? As I said before I am a total noob and need alot of advice as to watering, soil, suppliments, sun lights, ect ect.

    Look forward to hearing some information.

    Thanks, Boomie

    silentob2269 Active Member

    well im not sure how long your growing season is but i assume its close to mine so i start indoors in feb and usally take um out side in march just for the day then bring um in then usallly plant april 1st or later depending on weather watch the tv to find out and no dont do a booby trap thats just fucked up so just hide um good

    Boomie Active Member

    Thanks for your reply. Would it be possible sprout the seeds inside then directly move them into pots outside? Becasue I still live at home with my parents unfortunattly and I just got booked for dealing so they are going to be keeping a close eye on me. So I just want to keep these as far away from my parents as possible until the summer hits when I am free to leave and go as I please :)

    More advice please!

    mogie Well-Known Member

    bush grower

    bush grower Active Member

    last time i put a post on here i had a few plants. not any more i went out for the day and came home and i mom had opened my closet and found my babies standing tall. this is y im going to be starting an out-door crop but i was wondering if i planted some seeds around here went away for the summer would they be ok for went i come back in the fall?

    AllMeatNoPotato Well-Known Member

    i doubt it. it is very possible that they would be ok but I would not chance it. i would laugh my ass off if I ever saw a car battery hooked up to a fence that had trees inside of it. that would go straight into the stoners archive

    Boomie Active Member

    Hahaha the battery wouldnt be visible more or less to protect my prized possesions lol But does anyone have any growing tips? Once I sprout the seeds would it be ok to just plant them in pots right away n plant them in the field or? How many times should I water them n what kind of soil n nutrients?

    Boomie Active Member

    Alright so what I plan on doing is germinating the seeds, sprouting them, and growing them a bit inside first. Then I will pot them into farily large pots and then dig a hole fill it will organic soil (same soil in the pot) place the pots in the holes..and place a tomato fence around them to keep deers ect away. I will water them every 3 days unless it rains once week, and will tomato fertilzer (100% organic) work for marijuan or no? As for the strain I am going to be growing Summer Buddah and maybe some Switerzland Bliss.

    krime13 Well-Known Member

    I dont see how the batterie wold work, how are you planing on hooking it up?The only way I see it beeng effective is if you wold somehow run it through a coil,bit some kid might touch it , I wouldnt advise using it...

    Boomie Active Member

    Krime13 - Ya I decided to ditch that idea after hearing about the criminal charges you can get if somthing goes wrong ontop of the growing charge.

    Does anybody know if 100% organice tomoato fertilizer will work well for marijuana?

    Empyrean421 Active Member

    I gotta be honest I dont care if you had the fence from jurassic park around your weed. If i found your weed in some random place i might be inclined to get around your super fence somehow...

    EatMoreAcid Active Member

    lolthat fence from JP is hardcore

    TetrahydrocannabinolFiend Active Member

    that battery hooked up to the fence isnt such a good idea seeing as if someone touches it they would probably be killed, or seriously hurt. but anyways, if your growing outside i suggest growing them inside from seed until their 2-4" tall. it doesnt take much room and youll only need a fluorescent bulb. i dont know about the tomato furte. but im sure it would be fine, just be carefull when indroducing it, first in very diluted quantity, then slowly increase it over the weeks to your final concentration. if the leaves get 'burnt' it is a sign your over furting and should pull back. you should bring the seedlings outside after the last frost (you can find that out from weather channel). i hope i was of some help.

    toke long. toke strong.

    JESSE Well-Known Member

    getting good advice is hard cause people run their damn mouths.start your plant with a fertilizer thats high in nitrogen,it will extremely boost your vegetative process then when she gets as big as you want her start feedind her more potasium andwhatever.normally comercial fertilizers list the contents on a level like 15-5-5 thats what you start with then switch to 5-10-10before you change the light cycle or want it to start flowering when she flowers eventually the flowers will turn to bud but be scraggly with white hairs so you have to wait til they are darker which the plant does naturally.then its harvest time and you better fucking cure your bud right to make it stinky.

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    So you are suggesting he put an outdoor grow on a light cycle. I would like to see that trick. Sounds like good advice or are you just running your damn mouth?

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    that fence thing just made me laugh out loud!

    as does this:
    "start your plant with a fertilizer thats high in nitrogen"

    just start your seeds in some good dirt. that field sounds like a good spot, gl.

    loveisallyouneed Well-Known Member

    Marijuana and tomato plants grow under very similar conditions so if you really wanted to use it you probably could but I'm not 100% sure. Might as well throw down a few bucks and buy some fert high in nitrogen for vege and high in phosphorus for flowering. Don't forget to stop using ferts at least two weeks before harvesting...you are smoking the stuff...

    smalltownDill Well-Known Member

    why fill hole with good dirt them put the whole pot in it do the hole and dirt thing but take you plant out of the pot and put it in the hole and put you plants in 2 weeks after may 24 that way theres no chance of frost im only like 4 hours away from you and thats what i do buy miracle grow 20-20-20 feed them that till they start budding then give them miracle grow 15-30-15 or plant prod or even better shults 10-60-10 fertilizer don't listen to what anybody says about miracle grow it works fucking great for me try just watering a plant then water another with miracle grow it's really not hard at all to see the difference the miracle grow plant will be way bigger and make hole 2x2 with miracle grow garden soil it's fucking awsome this was the first year i used it and i was amazed if you just put some tiny ass hole in the ground it won't get very big and i cant stress enough when your growing outside DONT use pots it's called outside for a reason theres all kinds of dirt telling you to dig a hole in it so do this and youll be fine oh and plant on the edge of the feild not in the middle thats the first place the choppers look unless the feild is filled with a bunch of little pine or cedars then plant around them cause weed grows pretty much the same shape hope you take my advise i could almost spit and hit where you live so things aren't much differ from where i grow to where you grow

    freddythekruger Well-Known Member

    why reply to a post well over a year old?

    Hulk Active Member

    yea i'd just rip your cord out the battery and proceed to stealing ur hard work. Find a better spot.

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