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Lighting Schedule

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by thebigragu25, Jul 5, 2009.


    thebigragu25 Well-Known Member

    I had to turn to the experts to ask a simple question.

    Ive got a single 450 watt high pressure sodium fixture, with a reflecting metal shield above it.

    This is my third week in growing 2 white widow plants, and things are coming along decently.

    Heres my question: What kind of lighting schedule should I use? Ive started with about 14 hrs light and 10 hrs darkness. Should I do 24 hrs light and cut to 12/12 in flowering?

    Any advice would be appreciated.


    jgrows4u Well-Known Member

    sorry dont no what just happened ignore that lost post but i would SLOWLY move to 18/6 then 12/12 for buding stage always 12/12 thats the rule but if ur plants are growing goood on the 14/10 cycle just leave them there but if you wanna change then you really have to go slow
    Hairy Bob

    Hairy Bob Well-Known Member

    The 12/12 cycle will induce flowering, in theory any less than 12hrs of darkness will keep the plants vegging, but the most common cycle is 18/6, and a lot of growers start on 24/0 for the first week or two.
    When you change the light cycle, just do it in one night, I've never noticed any ill effects doing that compared to gradually adjusting the photoperiod.

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