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Legal to grow outdoors in Michigan??

Discussion in 'Michigan Patients' started by lilmrschronic, Apr 15, 2011.


    lilmrschronic Active Member

    Hey all, I'm pretty new to this law, have read it a couple of times and to my knowledge I didn't really see anything about growing outdoors. I know it can be grown in a locked facility so technically I could grow it like in a locked shed and all that jazz but what about growing a plant or two in my yard? I was just curious to see if anyone had any information on this subject. Thanks!

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    so far thats up in the air.

    as the law reads, it states an Enclosed and Locked facility. it states nothing about a roof.
    in Genesee county, a guy was arrested for having 6 plants in a locked and wrapped 6ft high dog kennel. FANG (Flint Area Narcotics Group i think it is) could "see the plant with binoculars from a neighbors back yard." i believe is what was quoted.

    the guy had a locked and fenced yard, with the 6ft dog kennal wrapped with black plastic to not permit view into the kennel from the sides. plants i guess were maybe 5 ft tall or so, not sure of the details on this part. but anyways, the kennel was closed but not locked, though the only way to get to the kennel was to jump the fence (illegal entry) or go thru the locked gate or garage/house ect (again illegal entry unless the owner invites you). So the Genesee county judge, as he interprited "enclosed and locked facility" thought the defendant suited the standards of the law, and dismissed the case.

    the Flint PA and our State AtGen Bill Shuete have made an appeal to the states supreme court on the issue. so jury is still out, but for the time being, due to the flint judges ruleing, their is a precedent set it is legal, as long as your within the terms of the law... ie. Enclose (out of view) and Locked Facility." Until the SSC makes a ruling. i have no idea when its docketed for them to view.

    i guess i would contact a local laywer, and see what his advice would be.

    deprave New Member

    The actual intention of the law per MDCH and the Woman who wrote the law is that we are allowed to grow outside in a closed & locked facility - also per MDCH - working locks on the entrances to your yard or house constitute an enclosed & locked facility even if the locks are not locked they just need to be functional - but don't expect it wont attract some attention and don't expect that the judge would rule in your side if something happened. There have been rulings by judges that are contrary to these statements made by the MDCH.

    lilmrschronic Active Member

    Thanks for the info! I wish they would've been more clear about a lot of this shit! Too bad they just threw it together since they didn't think people would actually vote for it! I grow indoors anyway, but I was just thinking one or two plants in my veg garden this summer would be sweet but I'm not building anything around it locking it up so screw that idea

    hammer6913 Well-Known Member

    yea and now we have to sort it out and go to jail for it. at least we have it

    LordWinter New Member

    Actually, I think there's a lower MI court ruling already that says it's impossible to have a secured and locked outdoor grow. Might wanna look a bit more on some of the sites, I can't remember where I saw the article that mentioned this, but I believe I read it here in this MI forum. Do a search and see what you can find, this isn't the first time this subject has come up in even the short time that I have been here.

    sickofresin Member

    I personally know someone who got a felony charge in Livingston county for growing outside in a six foot high locked security fence. He was working under the assumption that because other similar cases have been dismissed he would be fine, but each courtroom is their own kingdom and Livingston county is a shitty kingdom.

    Timmahh Well-Known Member

    correct. this is being either pushed, or no big deal, all depending on the county your in.

    rzza Well-Known Member

    the problem i see is the building being transparent enough to see in. that may contradict "enclosed". im not sure though.

    deprave New Member

    Yea - we are supposed to be able to grow outside according to MDCH, We are also supposed to be able to grow in our house without a second lock on the grow room provided that the house has functional locks, but it doesn't always work out that way - it is all how the courtroom interprets the law and in these parts of our law its easy to interpret differently then was actually intended when the law was written.

    with that being said, fuckem Im gonna grow outside anyway, in my county it has been ruled serveral times in favor of defendant so I will be doing 1 or 2 plants outside anyway. If your like me well than take every precaution you can so it doesn't get busted. Sometimes you gotta take risks. If nobody takes these risk then we would never be free.

    lilmrschronic Active Member

    Too many freaking gray areas!! Ahhh! All I know is that I could probably get away with it here in Wayne county, I live in a pretty run down shitty neighborhood at the moment and I'm sure no one would care, but I wouldn't want to even try and push my luck. I'm glad people are willing to take risks for the cause, because I am a pansy! Thanks for being one of those few that stands up for us! =)

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