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Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering

Discussion in 'Politics' started by 7xstall, Sep 18, 2007.


    7xstall Well-Known Member

    i would say that this episode, and the lack of outcry, is shocking, but we've witnessed the all out assault from the left on freedom of speech for years. they are simply coming out to endorse police brutality - the only logical way to enforce anti-speech. in the past few years we've seen cops tazer children and old people to death, even foreign visitors who can't understand what the police are saying... now we can expect to see anyone who questions authority tazed into submission by our friendly para-military police. if this isn't scary nothing is.

    Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering

    Partisan bickering obscures heart of the issue as Fox News, MSNBC set up phony debate by making Kerry's behavior focus of story, not oppressive actions of thug cops.

    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet
    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    Media coverage of a University of Florida student being tazered by cops for asking a question didn't spark a debate about ongoing police brutality and political persecution, but instead prompted partisan bickering and mindless ninnying about John Kerry's behavior during the incident, while leftist blogs defended the actions of the police.

    Andrew Meyer was grabbed by cops yesterday after he asked the former presidential candidate why he didn't challenge the rigged election of 2004 and about his membership of the skull and bones secret society. Meyer asked police what he was being arrested for as they dragged him to the back of the University Auditorium before manhandling him to the ground.

    As the photo above shows, two female officers, one with some kind of gangland tattoo on her arm, seem to be smiling with pleasure as they move in to seize Meyer.

    Only when Meyer was immobile and had five officers on top of him did the police decide to send 50,000 volts of electricity coursing through his prostrate body, seemingly waiting until Meyer begged them not to do it so as to enjoy the maximum power trip from administrating the torture.

    Fox News, MSNBC and others relentlessly replayed the video yesterday - not as a shocking indictment of the police's actions during the incident, but to discuss John Kerry's behavior and the fact that he continued taking questions while Meyer was being brutalized.

    This prompted leftist blogs like News Hounds to slam Fox for endlessly showing the footage as Democrat websites closed ranks and either ignored what was a savage act of police brutality and political persecution or simply claimed Fox News were hyping the story.

    They even defended the actions of the police in stating the cops were right to tazer Meyer as he lay on the floor. Imagine if this had happened during a town hall meeting with Bush - liberals would have screamed bloody murder and rightly so - but in this instance they applaud the police for their act of torture simply because Meyer dared question their idol John Kerry.

    Another detail left out of press reports is Meyer's political affiliation - he is not a Neo-Con who was attempting to put John Kerry on the spot as Fox News has tried to portray - he was a 9/11 truther. Meyer links to the 9/11 Mysteries documentary from the home page of his website.

    Beyond the mindless partisan ninnying, the heart of the issue is that this was another act of wanton police brutality and torture by means of tazering.

    The police are now trained that "pain compliance," a euphemism for torture, is acceptable in apprehending anyone even if that person poses no physical danger.

    In many cases, cops will tazer someone even if they offer no resistance whatsoever, simply for the sick enjoyment of the power trip as the victim begs and pleads not to be tortured. They also seem to get a kick out of tazering young children and even toddlers.

    Take the case of UCLA student Mostafa Tabatabainejad (video above) , who was stunned over and over again for refusing to show his ID at a campus library.

    Tabatabainejad agreed to leave and was on his way out of the building before cops tazered him and then proceeded to order him to get back on his feet just so they could shock him over and over again as he cried and moaned for them to stop.

    The bottom line is that Taser use is being abused by police all over the country as cops are trained that torture is a perfectly acceptable response to somebody who asks the wrong question or refuses to show their papers.

    Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering

    medicineman New Member

    7X, at least they let him in. At all the Bush and friend speeches, they screen the spectators and if you aren a bush clone, you don't even get in. Why do you think Bush gives 90% of his speeches in front of the troops, they can't say a word or they will be court martialed. And I have seen many protesters dragged out of speeches railing against bush policies also, the Petreaous hearing was one, they manhandled that poor woman almost ripping her clothes off. there are crazies on both sides and the pigs (COPS) don't care which, but are probably more biased against Bush protestors.

    TheConstantGardner Well-Known Member

    any updates on what happened to that guy?

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    yes, i realize the crowds at Bush events in America are screened, this is why you never see Bush speaking in other countries - they won't filter the audience.

    freedom of speech has become too inconvenient for the elite, all of them. our words and expression are an infringement on their peaceful rule and we have to put a stop to this madness. the police is out of control and they hardly ever get punished when they abuse citizens.

    i commend Mr. Kerry for asking that the student be allowed to finish his question, he was clearly not happy about the half-dozen police rushing toward the student to silence him.


    7xstall Well-Known Member

    the university is doing an investigation.. people are saying he has a very solid case if he wants to sue.

    i just wonder why he can't file criminal complaints against the disgusting cops who were torturing him???? if i did that to some random guy i'd go to jail, let's send THEM to prison to pay the price!

    those cops should at least be charged with these crimes, if nothing else:
    false imprisonment
    assault with a deadly weapon
    abusing power of a peace officer

    the public needs to demand that they are held to account!


    ViRedd New Member

    Hmmm ... I saw it completely differently from you guys. I saw a young man who was disrupting the meeting. When asked to leave, he refused and started to shout, being even more of a disruption. He was asked to leave again ... and again started yelling. As the attempt was made to escort him out, he started resisting. That brought more cops into the fray. The female officer warned him several times to stop resisting or he would be tazed. He didn't stop resisting, so he was tazed. Personally, I think he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and got the exact reaction and results he wanted.

    If the police can't get someone to comply with their orders to disperse, what methods other than tazing should they use? I mean, they used to use brass knuckles in the old days back in Chicago.


    Kant Well-Known Member

    I've watched it couple of times and i don't understand how you see their actions as justified. The guy asked a very odd and long winded question but i wouldn't say he was disrupting the meeting. he was standing at one of the mics that was setup for questions.

    when he was being escorted out by the police he ask what he was being arrested for and (thx to the mic) you can hear them say. "would you please come with us sir". they never actually said what or if they were arresting him at first. So either they weren't arresting him so then he wasn't resisting arrest OR he was being arrested and they never told him why which legally hazy because they have to answer that question at that time. if they don't, i don't know what the legal ramifications of that is.

    At the very end, he did try to get away, so i understand why they jumped him. However right before they tasered him, he had 6 officers on top of him and all of them sitting pretty still so there wasn't any struggle going on. He then says "Don't tase me" repeatedly and they electrocute him anyway.

    They had half a dozen very large men on him and they still had to tase him?

    ViRedd New Member

    They were trying to get the guy under control so they could escort him out of the building. He was resisting, therefore the tazer. I'll watch the video again, I'm sure ... cuz its all over the news now. But again ... the guy was being totally obnoxious in a public forum. It wasn't the question he was asking, it was his attitude and resistance to the police command to move on. Like I said, before they had tazers, they had blackjacks and brass knuckles.


    Kant Well-Known Member

    i understand the need to tackle after he started resisting; i still believe the use of the taser was way too excessive especially since they clearly had the situation under control; But what sparked the initial need to escort him out/arrest him? People ask obnoxious rude long winded questions at open forums all the time. Maybe if he was being hostile or made threatening comments towards kerry, the guy was clearly in support of kerry.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    well Vi, i don't think we need to regulate public discourse based on the level of enthusiasm or the speaking style of the person asking our leaders questions. he was emotional and he obviously felt strongly about his questions, some people are just more expressive of how they feel. mr. Kerry asked that he be allowed to finish.

    he didn't use profanity or make threats and according to people who were there he wasn't overly dramatic until the half-dozen cops started rushing him.

    as far as dispersing people, i'd say yeah, go with the brass knuckles. cheap and highly effective, no need for special training or anything. if the cops need to move people it should be for a really good reason and they should do it with tools that encourage people to leave quickly. the non-lethal gimmicks like tazers are just a silly substitute for real law enforcement, they seem to encourage people to disregard the law more and take authority less seriously. maybe this is even causing or contributing to the trend of over-escalation on the part of officers???? if you had your choice of getting a couple good licks from a steel baton or a zap from some electronic gizmo standing between you and freedom, which would you prefer? lol



    the idea that this was a prank reminds me of something i once did as a teen. i had borrowed my dad's clean truck, a friend was with me, both clean at the time. i do believe we had a good buzz though. a cop happened to get behind us and i had the great idea to mess with him. we passed a marlboro back and forth, holding it just right, laughing, etc.. of course the blue lights came on, that's what i wanted. i slowed and stuck my hand out the window to wave the officer around, he didn't pass. i carried on for a quarter mile or so, telling my friend to look around and act like he was hiding stuff, waving the cop on, acting like i had no clue... finally i pulled over and boy did i give that guy a hard time, there's nothing like having 4 Aces! they called in K-9, brought in other officers - what a hoot! lucky for us they didn't have tazers. :)


    7xstall Well-Known Member


    Kant Well-Known Member

    I think the problem with increased police violence stems from the fact that they have "non-lethal" weapons. People are more willing to challenge the police because they know the police can't (in most taser cases) kill them by accident, unlike police that carry guns. The other problem is that because they have "non-lethal" weapons, the police are more willing to go to that solution, whereas cops with guns won't.

    Then there are those few sick police who enjoy torturing people and now have the means and excuse to do so.

    Chrisuperfly Well-Known Member

    hate to add to the OT but something very similiar happened to me back in the day. I had a fake ID back then and was able to frequent bars. Well I go to a bar with a couple of friends of mine and don't drink a thing (this is Indiana where if your not 21 you can't get in) they stay I leave. 3 or 4 miles down the road I get pulled over, not speeding minding my business. Apparently the cop ran my plates because he "thought" he saw me leaving a bar and my name and age turned up to be 19 so he pulled me over in the hopes he could bust me. I get out and he gives me his line of shit, I know I saw you leaving the bar...etc...etc... Then he gives me a breathilizer test, I blow 0.0, no juice at all. The whole time I am denying the fact that he thought I was in a bar, then another cop pulls up. They ask me if they can search my car, I tell them go right ahead I don't have anything to hide. I had left a sack I had purchased earlier in the day at home so my car was clean. These cops were adamate about finding something on me. They didnt find shit, then started to try to get me to talk by saying they are going to take me in on probable cause I tell them do what you want this is a joke. Next thing I know they get a radio call jump in their cars and take off no apology no nothing.

    natmoon Well-Known Member

    If you ask the wrong people questions that they dont wish to answer they will either belittle you,ignore you or in this case tazer you etc.
    So in essence your freedom of speech act is bullshit.

    I personally think that america has only an illusion of freedom and that you are not free at all in any kind of way to do anything except as you are told.
    The three wise monkeys are in full effect in america as far as i can see:-|

    Kant Well-Known Member

    it's kind of amusing think that we're supposed to be worried about some nut jobs halfway around the world when really the terrorists are on our street and campuses and are supposedly trying to "protect" us. The problem is that even though every cop car and badge says "to serve and protect" in reality their job is to stop crime, which results in unnecessary harassment of innocent people, sometimes just over eager cops and sometimes to meet their quota.

    Yes, there is a quota. Unofficial but very real. The reasoning goes like this: X amount crimes will be committed this month/year. They want to try and stop at least a certain percentage. Let's say 60%. To reach this goal every cop has to stop Y amount of crimes, which they tally as arrests. The reason this mentality persist is, if you don't meet your quota then you let crimes go unabated, which then means you haven't done your job.

    closet.cult New Member

    are you insane? you would rather cops physically beat you with brass knuckles? there is a reason why those things are illegal, man. tazors should be non-lethal force on DANGEROUS CRIMINALS, folks. not a college kid in a public forum.

    VI, i don't care if the cops warned him first, a Tazor should not have been an option in a college auditorium. these asshole cops are fucking LOOKING for an excuse to use their new toys. when half a dozen cops are sitting on the guy, there is NO fucking need for a tazor. if you still think so, you have a misconstuded idea of what a peace officer is.

    this is why police CANNOT be given liscensed to kill. don't give the cops that much power man, they will abuse it. power corrupts. and these cops are fucking nobodies with superior authority complexes and inferiority paycheck issues.

    besides, what about common fucking sense, man?! politics is one of the most emotionally stiring subjects. it's expected someone might get a little heated in their questioning. but it's safe to say that it's not going to lead to violence, in any way. that kid was doing NO harm. this is police brutality because the cops resorted to violence instead of someone (even John Kerry!) trying to calm the situation down.

    7xstall Well-Known Member

    i think you missed my point. i would rather take a shock by the tazer than take a couple good licks with a baton. point is, so would the dangerous criminals. lets not give a dangerous criminal the option of getting a shock when the option of having a bullet in his leg (or a baton to the head) has worked so well for so long.

    if the cops we have right now aren't capable of managing that level of responsibility (which most of them can not) they shouldn't be cops.


    medicineman New Member

    That was police brutality plain and simple.

    7xstall Well-Known Member


    ozstone Well-Known Member

    Its Just ridiculous, these people are supposed to be trained in this sort of thing (Subduing) people who are out of order, so why does it take 6 cops to jump on, restrain and apprehend a person like this, its just Bravado wank, remember handcuffs, handcuff the fucker and drag him out.
    We get your cop shows on our TV all the time and its funny watching Police chases where they are chasing one car and there will be at least Ten Cop cars in the pursuit, and when the vehicle is stopped and the offender is out of the car the surrounding police will literally push each other out of the way so they can point their gun at the offender, it takes me back to the day when Cowboys and Indians were all the rave on TV, the Cavalry would send 500 troops with Machine guns mounted on a Horse Drawn cart and all the finest horses and all the latest guns just to "Get Their man" only to be shown up by a bunch of rock throwing and arrow shooting natives.
    Organize your selves you idiot coppers instead of being a Fuckin Hero, wank wank wank

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