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Leaves Turning White

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Mr Cannabis Sativa, May 10, 2011.

    Mr Cannabis Sativa

    Mr Cannabis Sativa Active Member

    just a few days ago i threw my plants outside after being indoors for about a month, i noticed that the leaves were slowly starting to whiten.

    i did my research and learned that if you throw indoor plants outdoors immidiatly that the sun could burn them and cause the leaves to turn a whitish colour.

    now what im wondering is will my plants recover? what should i do? should i just leave them outdoors, or bring them indoors?

    any advice would be appreciated, thanks

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    I exp the same right now with this blazing heat and top growth is curled and shitty(autoflowers) but if you are in veg I would just ride it out. Or you can set it out in the morning or evening when sun isn't as bright and bring it back in, And work your way into full sun.

    Throwed Active Member

    White?....Do you mean "frost" or what? Um, can you post a pic? White is a good thing...That's if were are talking about Trichomes on the leaves.

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member

    Why would it be frost............pretty sure no trichs yet thats not what hes talking about. Hope she pulls through cause mine aint. Wasnt expecting this heat wave for 3 days up to the 100s and 1 foot tall autos were burnt. It was a gorilla grow so thats that I guess.

    1badmasonman Well-Known Member

    yes they will recover just be patient. you may loose a few leaves but that will just make you plant alot tougher IMO. :peace:
    Mr.Therapy Man 2

    Mr.Therapy Man 2 Active Member

    sounds like pm to me!!!!post some pics

    bryon209 Active Member

    yup it fuckin sux...I learned from my mistakes though let em get nice fatty root balls and then i bring em in on the hottest part of the day for a week or so... then i put em in the ground when they good and ready...I would Just replace them and start over while you can . If you had to keep them than keep em but i wouldnt thinkin about any issues down the line and how long would it take the plant to truely ? I bought new clones vegged for a week or so and started the weening process from artificial and natural light all over again, but i guess it simply is just up to you

    Throwed Active Member

    Why would they not be. It's obvious he is a novice grower and he also did not give much information nor a pic of what he was talking about. Sorry to hear about your autos. Do you check your local weather on the regular? If not, you should. In the future you may want to plant your ladies under shade to help shade all that intense sun light that is paired with 100 degree weather. It reaches 100 in my area, but not until late July/ early August. I plant under the shade of larger trees to help combat high temps.
    Mr Cannabis Sativa

    Mr Cannabis Sativa Active Member

    thanks so much for the info guys, its really helped boost my confidence :p
    yes it is only my 2nd year growing and im still running in to troubles here and there, but thats how you learn.
    im still wondering if i should plant some more "the dopes," just to replace them, still deciding though,,,
    hoping for the plants to get better, thinking of just keeping them indoors today. they look really good other
    than the fading white on the leaves. sorry for not posting pictures my mac broke and my camera wont hook up
    to my laptop.

    TheOrganic Well-Known Member


    St1cky1cky Active Member

    Surf, you do realize that this thread is over a year old. Im thinking he probably figured it out one way or the other by now....

    St1cky1cky Active Member

    It's all good bro. I've done it myself.

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