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Iranian auto flower outdoor 2011

Discussion in 'Grow Journals' started by dudemandigo, Feb 14, 2011.


    dudemandigo Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone of RIU!!!

    I am going to be planting alot this year, but i thought i would make a thread for my Iranian auto flowers separately because i would like to know some details, as well as providing information on these plants to everyone who needs it.

    I just got my package of 11 seeds form the doc, and very thankful for the chance to grow these wonderful genetics.

    I plan on growing them for 2 weeks indoors in the stealth grow dresser i am currently building (pics soon).

    After i veg them indoors for 2 weeks i will plant them outside in the ground, and FIM them.

    I plan on starting these babies at the end of april and putting them outside in mid may.

    Does anyone have any advise specific to these genetics in regards to vegetating them indoors? I have heard that they start to flower as soon as you put them outside no matter how long you vegg them. Im hoping this is innacurate because i cannot grow in anything bigger then a beer cup before i transplant outside.

    any suggestions/comments?

    newgrowboxgrower Well-Known Member


    i wish i could help you out man. i started mine in beer cups too for a month and thought it would be good. but i was nervous about them flowering so i called green thumb. he said you cant put them outside until they are 12" tall, i have to veg mine a few more weeks and i started them fr. seed on 4:20:2011.
    would i get more out of them if i fim them too?
    my hieghts are 13", 9", 9.5" 7" ( a few days ago)
    I did this to an auto flower before (indoor tho) and yielded two ounces but i kept my lighting at 18 and 6 the whole time. i switched bulbs from 6500k to 2700k after 8 or nine weeks.
    My iranians are on a strict 20 and 4 with 6500k bulbs and will bloom under the sun.

    newgrowboxgrower Well-Known Member


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