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How to make HASH the easiest way

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by jamesmadison, Sep 11, 2008.


    jamesmadison Active Member

    :weed:So what is the easiest way to make hash out of leaves?

    Much appreciation:wall:


    chuckbane New Member

    i have made many different types of hash and i find the easiest is honey oil. it is also one of the purest forms unless you have a 5 bag bubblehash system.. but those cost a few hundread... a copper or stainless steel pipe, some endcaps and some butane cost nothing at all

    MaryJaneDoe Well-Known Member

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    royalgreen Well-Known Member

    so you drill holes in one end of the cap's which is where you put the filter and then one other hole in the oppsite end where butane goes then are you off too the race's or is there more???:dunce: edit:just wonna make it right for best produce...the rest i can figure out

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    You have to be careful with using butane... not just because it can explode, but because it can remain in your hash if you don't make it right-- and it is said to leave trace chemicals in your lungs.

    chuckbane New Member

    thats about it. try to go for standard 3/4" copper, i have used the 3" copper used for old bath tub drains but when i open it up there is always a tunnel blown to the bottom from the prssure of the butane, this is ineffective. The narrower the better.

    The only difficult part about it is knowing how much butane to use for what you are using n(leaf, bud, shake...) and how much of it you have. also you need to make sure you buy a butane with no "smell" additives.

    see butane in its natural form has next to no smell. But this can be hazardous because if there were ever to be a leak noone would know untill BANG.
    you can buy small canisters of butane with next to no additives but you have to know which brand.

    a good way to test a product is to spray it on a mirror or glass. if it leaves a "crusty smelly" residue than it is bad to use

    hope this helps!

    butane will only explode under pressure, what happens is butane is heavier than air and evaporates at a very fast rate. this can cause "pooling" and become dangerous. I have two tips that will make this process 100% safe

    1. dont smoke or light anything. common sense

    2. do it outdoors on a day with a breeze

    if you follow those two simple steps you will be fine

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Of course the deposits it leaves in your lungs have nothing to do with anything chuckbane mentioned.

    chuckbane New Member

    p.s. i do not recommend this process if you have no common sense...

    chuckbane New Member

    see above
    "also you need to make sure you buy a butane with no "smell" additives."

    chuckbane New Member

    the residue from good butane is so minimal,, and shit, you ARE smoking,, smoking is bad for your lungs no matter what you are smoking

    lavenderstar Active Member

    Butane though, the people making it with butane always go crazy...

    lavenderstar Active Member

    Blender method is easy and effective

    chuckbane New Member

    blender method,, that is a joke

    please tell me you are pulling my leg

    easy? not really.. not hard but not as easy as BHO
    effective? im not really sure what you mean by that.. explanation?

    lavenderstar Active Member

    Effective: adequate to accomplish a purpose; producing the intended or expected result. I like blender hash, i don't like the honey, way too much of it. but anyway blender hash in my opinion is pretty simple, and gets the job done. Now Bubblehash is great but hey that costs.

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