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How to make co2

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by Upinsmoke, Mar 22, 2007.


    Upinsmoke Active Member

    can anyone help me find the thread for making co2, i have some yeast and sugar but just wanted to clarify what i needed to do to make it all up,


    Peace :mrgreen:

    mr_issues Well-Known Member

    Use 5 or 6 cups of sugar in a 1 gallon container, make sure the container has a fitted lid. Add half a gallon of water to the sugar along with a couple of tablespoons of active yeast.Poke a small, pencil-like hole in the lid and place it on top of the container.

    As often as possible shake the container to blend the mixture thoroughly. In one or two days the yeast will grow and co2 will be a by-product in the container. Now, every time you shake it a burst of co2 will be released into the grow room. Also it will continue to be released through the hole in the lid while you are away. You'll have to change the mixture once every 2-3 weeks.

    Upinsmoke Active Member

    thanks, that is just what i was after, cant wait for my babies to lap it up.

    delta9 Well-Known Member

    one other very important thing about that set up is when you release pressure after shaking dont let any fluid from iside jug hit your plant as it dos alot of damage

    mr_issues Well-Known Member

    Thats a very good point, sorry I left that out... Peace

    mogie Well-Known Member

    What I do is when shaking it up cover the hole with a wash clothe. Remove after shaking. This makes sure no mess gets anywhere.

    delta9 Well-Known Member

    yeah your grow room if small will smell like a brewery instead of pot big time!

    twhd Active Member

    gonna try this , what about a redirect bottle attachd with a hole in it for catching overfolw

    UberGrowMeister Active Member

    If you attatch some garden hose from the top of the container and into your grow area, then place the end into a small bowl of water, large bubbles will appear and, (more impotantly), cease when the mixture becomes less effective. This will let you know when to change/agitate the mixture. (Ie: The bubbles will stop).

    I would also suggest regular air exchange to ensure CO2 levels remain within acceptable levels, (Not above 1500 ppm for any prolonged period)

    Also, the bowl of water could contain an ultrasonic mini humidifier in order to further dispell CO2 in a nebulised form. (For clones in prop chamber 70/80% RH (relative humidity).....For new plants in the main grow area 50-80% RH......For Flowering 35-50% RH..(Lower rates for rot prevention). As long as you replace hot, humid air for cooler air it will be ok...

    Hope this helps someone!


    NoSaint Well-Known Member

    I ran this on my grow i just harvested all through the veg cycle. I'm not real convinced it makes enough co2 to really make a difference. I'm sure what it made helped some, but its really more of a pain in the ass than it is worth in my opinion. The up side is its cheap and wont cost you hardly anything at all to try it..

    I just took a gallon milk jug and put a hole in the cap. Then ran some airline tubing(fish tank aerator line) up to the plants...

    Mix 5-6 cups of sugar and a packet of yeast and your good,. I've seen people say everything from two cups of sugar to whole lb bag or however big the big packs of sugar come in.

    UberGrowMeister Active Member

    Hey NoSaint, congrats on the veg!

    If you swap the milk carton for a 30 gallon container and use the garden hose, (airline pipe is a bit small in diameter), Then empty a 2Lb bag of tate and lyle with preferably a whole block of live yeast (not powder), and not to forget the bowl of water to check the reaction effectiveness, you will get readings of between 800 and 1000 ppm. (More than adequate)

    It has been said that yeilds can be improved by 25% with those levels of added CO2.

    If you havent got a meter then heres a link http://http://sensors-transducers.globalspec.com/Industrial-Directory/co2_detection this is an all in one bit of kit for humidity, temp, and of course Co2.

    Good luck mate, not too long now!


    EDIT: If you add the yeast as a 1000g block, (couple of quid), then break segments off every few days you will get a retard release and can make the mix last 2-3 weeks with a final heavy mix at the end, before the CO2 bubbles stop....well...Bubbling. Rather than me going into all the science of why it works, google it and see for yourself because its a bit of a shame that you arnt excited about this :))...

    Cheers dude.

    mb1285 Active Member

    hey so what i did was take a 1 gallon plastic storage bin with no lid like the size of a shoe box filled it with 80 degree water to 1 inch below top then added 2 cups of sugar and a tablespoon of yeast and put a 6" airstone in it on the bottom with a air pump and this works really good cus it keeps the mixture mixed and the bubbles rise and pop and realease Co2. this thing instantly started workin. i left for an hour and came back and my room is potent with the smell of a bakery lol and for some reason its a lil hazey too. anyone know what that is?

    glassblower3000 Well-Known Member

    best to get a c02 burner.. advanced nutrients has one on the market right now for about four bills.

    fuzzyl Active Member

    lol im gonna do this asap ... I just need the yeast! wonder why it's hazey u smoking?
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i seriously doubt if you have to worry about too high co2 levels using brew methods. kind of a waste of time/money. but i will admit, the guy that said using the 55 gal. barrel might be on to something. a mondo huge container might get you some good numbers, maybe...

    Ganjalee Active Member

    i can tell you this, a 55 gal barrel will generate co2 for sure, i wouldn't do it though

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