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How old does a plant have to be to clone it?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Alex17, Feb 24, 2011.


    Alex17 Active Member

    I just want to know how old a plant has to be before I can clone it?

    These are about 5 weeks from seed, does it look like i could get a good clone or two off these?


    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    i would wait a lil longer, lloks like they need to be in bigger pots

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    what size are those pots. they should be much bigger for 5 weeks.

    upthearsenal Well-Known Member

    Agreed, they need bigger pots. You can clone as long as you have branches to cut, the last pic looks like it has minimal to no branching, which is a sign of a rootbound plant. Re-pot, and you will notice better growth. Also, you can tie the plant down to encourage the plant to focus its growth on the branches.

    Alex17 Active Member

    Yeah, I'm transplanting tomorrow.

    What size pots do yall use to transplant from solo cups? And then when do you transplant up from those?

    Thanks. I'm totally new at this.
    Biologically Incorrect

    Biologically Incorrect Active Member

    You should use a gallon for each month you plan on growing (so 3-5 gallons is ideal). I would wait a little bit longer before cloning.

    Here are some good cloning tips:
    - At least 4 branches down.
    - Cut at a 45 degree angle with razor blade.
    - * Trim off bottom 2 branches.
    - Take clones from lower branches of vegetative females.
    - ** Cloning Air: 70 degrees & Rooting Medium: 75 degrees.
    - Make sure to poor rooting hormone into a container to keep from contamination. Gel or Liquid
    - Can use a variety of starting mediums - Jiffy, coco, etc.
    - *** Put on a bed of perlite to help keep most.
    - *** Use dome for at least the first 3-days.
    - In about 18-days should have good root system.
    - Bright white = healthy roots
    - Wait until there are plenty of roots before transplanting.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    put them in at least one gallon pots and they will explode, ya want one gal per month of live/foot of growth. 3 to 5 gals is what most use, just depend how big you plan to grow them and how much light you have to keep them healthy.

    Alex17 Active Member

    So if i go solo cups -> 1 gallon pots -> 3 gallon pots, that would be a good plan?

    So i can't clone these plants yet? How much longer would you suggest I wait?

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member

    once you re-pot them, they will take a few days to recover then in other week or 2 you will have so many branches to take clones from it won't be an issue.
    Biologically Incorrect

    Biologically Incorrect Active Member

    You can actually skip the 1 gallon and go straight to the 3 gallon if you have the room. Once your plants are well routed they are ready for their final pot. If you wait a few weeks to clone you will have more sections to choice from & thus be able to get some nice clones. I usually wait right before I start the budding process, which allows you to remove lower branches that would not really be as productive anyways.

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    I would top those to get some side growth going.

    Myself, I like 5+ nodes on a clone/cut. 2 underground (roots pop from the nodes first), and 3 above.



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