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How Much Money can i make off 1 plant ?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by Light Bulb, Mar 5, 2008.

    Light Bulb

    Light Bulb Active Member

    I bought 20 seeds,
    How much money will 1 plant earn me that grows to 400g ?

    Mr.Pyrex Well-Known Member

    im reporting you to the DEA

    jsgrwn Well-Known Member

    me too, late

    platypusmann Well-Known Member

    it should earn you 10 to 20.....years

    firebrand18rjr Well-Known Member

    WE ARENT ON HERE TO SELL. just grow and help growers grow. stop with the slangin talk.

    Boober Well-Known Member

    $1,000,000: If you can find enough really rich, really stupid, really desperate people.
    Light Bulb

    Light Bulb Active Member

    the stupid ones are the ones who smoke marijuana....
    EHH thats you shit head . Its poison

    Boober Well-Known Member

    Not too bright for a light bulb, huh?
    Scranny420 likes this.

    kilik2007 Well-Known Member

    Umm so you have no problem manufacturing and selling "poison"? Doesn't that make us stupid (for smoking), but you a completely immoral human being? Your viewpoint is one of the stupidest I've ever heard. Usually I'm not one to get all pompous, but I smoke plenty of "poison" and I know for a fact that I'm 100x as smart as you are and ever will be.

    Get out of here, because there's no fucking way you're gonna grow a 400g plant. You're also just a moron, and a bad human being, so log off and never come on here again, please.

    Yahweh Active Member

    your plant wont have a 400g yield especially if you know nothing about marijuana

    Boober Well-Known Member

    Thanks kilik2007, You said it better than I could have. I was just trying to have a little fun, didn't expect to get flamed.

    smokingbot Well-Known Member

    haha straight burn.

    miggzeh Well-Known Member

    I'd only sell to friends and only in small amounts (so they dont re-sell) with maybe little more than usual for the price but only to cover my costs and help my peeps out in times of need.

    whoever comes round never uses their own.
    but im generous like that.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    I tried 1000 times to write a reply to this lightbulb, but just couldnt think of what to say.

    theres so much to say lol. First calling us all stupid, when he obviously dosnt have a mind of his own, and hasnt read up on anything about the subject of marijuana. Goverment told him it was bad, so like a good moron he said ok, I hate marijuana users. Let me guess ciggaretts are ok though right? They dont harm the body at all? What an ignorant 15 year old.

    Secondly... you say its poison but yet you will still sell it? Wow so we are bad for smoking it, but your ok with yourself selling this "poison"? Money obviously means more to you then lives. Your a sad sad sole mate, socially constructed to be infactuated with green paper.

    Thirdly, dont call any of our members shit heads... and I hope you get banned

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    Im not even against selling it, I dont really care that much. He lost it when he offended the community calling us stupid shitheads. Makes me angry when people come on here acting as if though because they dont smoke it they are superior.

    I kind of feel bad for them actually. = (

    smokingbot Well-Known Member

    Dude probably has never attempted a grow and thinks he is going to make some easy quick cash... lol... your in for a surprise boy.
    Scranny420 likes this.

    jackinthebox Well-Known Member

    What happened is... this noob is just like... MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

    so he is like I can grow weed and make MONEY MONEY MONEY!!!

    so he goes to seedbank, and sees 400g^m2

    so he thinks hes going to get 400g's off one plant.

    And we are the stupid ones?

    Bagmouth Well-Known Member

    its poison????????? shit heads??????? u fuckin dooooooosh bag mother fucker, the only poison i can think of is that cream ur dad spit in ur mothers loose flapping vagina when ur skank ass waz created u fuckin turd!!!!!!!!!! u wanna sell poison sell crack, make some meth, or plant ur seed in a chick and charge her 2 bucks
    Skate Hawaii

    Skate Hawaii Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA bagmouth!!!! this kid is pretty stupid. thats the first time i've heard "poison" to describe marijuana. actually marijuana heals alot, and helps people get by, so understand it first before you call it poison.

    daunganja Active Member

    GOD not made poison, but human do!

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