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How many times is RIU going to get hacked this week?

Discussion in 'Support' started by FatMarty, Mar 20, 2012.


    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    Really starting to worry here.

    I was thinking of redoing my grow journals; but I probably don't have all the images on my comp still,
    and besides what are the odds anyone will view it before it gets deleted again?

    There is a thread from the 16th where it says only bitch about the loss of data there, and the thread is closed 4 days ago.
    I keep losing posts and pictures: something is wrong here and I would appreciate some assurance that the staff is working on it and will inform us when it is safe to resume normal activity.

    It's not okay right now - so please save snide comments for when I got it coming. Thank You.

    asdewqasdfgh Active Member

    what makes you think riu got hacked...?

    babysas Active Member

    cuz every post was replaced with a link to a anti drug site....
    the admins loaded the back up but it was like a month old....
    i quit my journal after the first time...
    lost so much info...

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    We're sorry that you lost the last 3 weeks of posts. We do a back-up daily, but unfortunately had to go back to Feb 20 to restore the site.

    We certainly hope that it will not happen again.


    Gyroscope Well-Known Member

    If there is a daily backup why did you have to go so far back ?? Just curious.
    F A B

    F A B New Member

    sorry to hear that
    hope u stay
    H R Puff N Stuff

    H R Puff N Stuff Well-Known Member

    i'm sure there on it, this site is way to cool to leave because of a some technical difficulties.that bieng said, i am sure it would suck if i lost a journal def. dont want to minimize losing your work.
    F A B

    F A B New Member

    slestacks cool avatar i loved that show

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    Can you please fix the like button or give us a dush bag button or something to do ....and for the fuck of it can you please unbann Drfever and all the other wise asses that made this place what it is....where the fuck is brick top
    F A B

    F A B New Member

    brickis banned
    i talk to him every day
    thanks for reminding me to go talk to him
    be right back

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    Fuck, tell em I said hi And hope he gets unbanned
    F A B

    F A B New Member

    i told him that before u posted it lol
    need me to put u in touch with him ?

    ohmy Well-Known Member

    shoot me a pm

    FatMarty Well-Known Member

    Thanks Man.

    I have 4 or 5 testers of new strains I would like to journal.
    I don't really know anyone here; but I thought those guys in that seed hoarder thread sound pretty cool.
    And I like being able to journal even though I am still learning best practices.

    So if you just want to delete this thread I don't care.
    Respectfully, F.M.

    olylifter420 Well-Known Member

    Any news on the " like " feature?
    F A B

    F A B New Member

    i think whoever stoled it liked it more then us

    mrboots Active Member

    Damn, I haven't been on here in a little bit. Sounds like some shit went down. Hope they fix it.

    k0ijn Scientia Cannabis

    The site got hacked a while ago.
    No data was compromised, it was a simple overwrite hack which replaces the info and links on our site with links to a different site.
    No data was 'taken' and no personal information was taken. There is nothing to worry about.

    You cannot 'keep' losing posts and pictures, the site has been reverted to the last saved state (which was in february).
    Therefore about a months worth of data was lost, which is sad but unavoidable.

    Every site gets hacked now and then, be happy about it was a very petty hack which only replaced links on the site, no info or data was stolen.

    It's been safe to resume normal activity for a while now, there are no issues.

    Gyroscope Well-Known Member

    Sky is falling....

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    I hope you have some substantial 'proof' to back up that claim, otherwise you are spewing copius amounts of bullshit.

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