How long do you cook marijuana in oil?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by powerisknowlege, Mar 18, 2009.


    powerisknowlege Well-Known Member

    How long should I cook marijuana in oil and what temp? Is there a certain color I should be looking for when it is cooked?

    LightFusion Well-Known Member

    i've never cooked it in oil but when i made butter i let it simmer around 200-225 degrees f for about 4 hours, my assumption is the longer the better, i think thc vaporizes around 212 degrees so i wouldn't go much over that

    after i was done my yellow butter turned lime green. it was pretty sweet

    JJD Well-Known Member

    I used oil last weekend for some bomb brownies.

    We put an ounce in and let it cook for like 3 hours on the lowest possible flame our stove was capable of

    I got blasted just from the batter left in the bowl

    The oil should be dark greenn/yellow when its ready.

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