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How Do You Make Amber Glass?

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by themistocles, May 21, 2009.


    themistocles Well-Known Member

    Does any one know how to make "amber glass"? Any advise would be great.
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    Leilani Garden

    Leilani Garden Well-Known Member

    Are you talking about oil? Hash oil? Honey oil? If so, look under harvesting and curing. I am pretty sure there are some threads in there about it. You can also try the search function and probably come up with some hits on this topic.

    Your thread name caught my attention as I was logging in just now . . . because if you mean hash oil, I love that stuff.

    I know that there are a lot of people who swear by the butane method, but I am too chicken to try it. I use the isopropyl alcohol method instead.

    themistocles Well-Known Member

    I originally thought when I posted this most people would think hash or honey oil, but it's not that. It looks like little pieces of broken glass kinda like little flat amber crystals. To me it seems like a crystallized form of THC. I have got it a couple of times and they say its about 20x more potent than kief.

    olosto New Member

    moonrocks.. Either an Iso wash or butane goo heated untill its a powder (that makes amber rocks) Search my posts for moonrocks..

    olosto New Member

    yea, its in the 90%'s I believe..
    Leilani Garden

    Leilani Garden Well-Known Member

    Yup, that's it. It's hash oil. It can come out looking different ways, depending on too many factors.

    The glassy stuff, if you are not talking about the kind that looks like powder, is just how a decent amount of hash oil looks if it's been done properly, as in, very, very little plant matter made it through the straining process (in the iso method--I've never done the butane). I've had it come out like that, but also like the powder looking kind. I think the goal is to get it looking like taffy that hardens into glass, but either way, you're right--this is super concentrated stuff, extremely potent. And you need a lot to do it. You'd be surprised at how much it shrinks down, but also how very, very little you need to get really high.

    Hope that helps.
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    thaduck420 Member

    that is the tiny specs off the plate from makig honey buds collect that shit and put it on your bowl with a low flame it burns quik.

    THC^9 Member

    The Real Amber Glass you speak of isn't just the hardened by product of making BHO as suggested in another post. Amber Glass is 3 ounces of Golden keif from Cali Heads that is melted/condensed by butane, no other product is added. It is usually pressed and processed to be very dense. The going price on a gram is about $300. As far as how to make it, all I know is that it isn't the same as BHO, no stainless steel tube is used, the butane instead of being used to extract resin from buds is used to condense the already pure and potent pollen. Hope that helps. It's one of or is the most concentrated and potent forms of THC.

    TheDaNkKiNg Active Member

    hahahah...no not 300 a gram i hope that is a typo!!! hahaha! I have a couple grams of amber glass rite now...Ill take a photo of some...this is about .8 broken up in little chunks...about 30 a gram...Shits Bomb..Prop 215!!!


    morreallyrics Active Member

    usually amber glass is amber in color. hence the name "amber glass" that looks like some pressed hash dank king. im sure its bomb tho. the amber glass i have tried numerous times is kinda powdery, amber in color, almost looks like brown sugar, and melts into a yummy goo/oil when lit.

    TheDaNkKiNg Active Member

    yeah this is amber glass in the picture...hahahaha....most times when u get it it is more powdered like ambere shaving....the medical dispensary i got if from had a 2 oz chunk of amber glass and they broke me off a 3 gram chunk which i purchased!!! 30 a gram!! the true amber glass!! jus not shaved like your used to seeing it....just remember amber glass when its shaven you can see the amber tint much more when shaven...at the medicinal dispenaries here in CA big rock chunks of amber glass are called STABLE GLASS which is a little pricier because its a huge rock...doesnt make sense to me but thats how it is....PEACE~:hump:

    P.S I actually have some amberglass and the most amazing earwax i have ever seen!!! skillet rips as we speak!!!!

    TheDaNkKiNg Active Member

    oh and it is a super melt!!! as soon as heat hits it it melt completly to an oil....best way to burn amber glass is to use a skillet out of an illadelph!!!! Skillet rips all day long!!!! HOPE EVERYONE KNOWS WHAT A SKILLET IS!! IF NOT YOUR MISSING OUT!!!!

    nicodemusliam Member

    Making earwax is all about the quality of the material and the technique used to extract the thic. The saying goes if you can touch it like bubble hash then its not worth smoking.

    amnbannert Member

    Looks like marble hash Hash Oil mixed with just enough kief to make it stand up a little)and the price seems about right for it. True glass looks straight up like amber crystals. usually goes for 50% more than standard oil although the purity difference does not warrant the price. If youre makin it yourself it does though. We made ours by sun curing our fresh oil in thin layers over plates of glass for days in the NorCal summers. Virtually no humidity here though. If you have humidity where youre at this obviously wont work. A heatless dehydrator would work also (although I never had the opp to try it). And if this is 20x more potent than kief it is some 5% THC kief and that is if the Glass is 100% pure. I would believe that the marble hash is 20- 30% more potent though. Hope this helps.

    ImLiquorSicc Member

    HAHHAHA I cant imagine this being anyone but B! You gotta show me wassup fucker!!!

    showtimex420 Member

    just got some amber glass today from my dispensiary in oakland, and it isnt the powdery kind, it looks like dark yellow mini jolly ranchers, pretty insane, dropped it on my titanium nail and it got me so lit honestly like i havent been for a looong time, its bomb.

    Oaksterdam2011 Member

    Amber Glass Hash. i have never seen any powdery glass, and it is not really an oil. you can touch and hold it and it doesnt get all sticky and crazy messy. Super potent. WP_001267.jpg

    biglungs Active Member

    i had some from a dispensary in hollywood it wasnt on the shelf owner had it in A PLASTIC BAG in his desk looked like brown jolly rancher candy put it in a cig cellophane he gave me and into my pocket shit stayed stable the whole way back to NorCal he said it was made by iso washing high quality trim then taking that and solution (unpurged) into a jar adding equal parts distilled h2o and ether swish it a few times let the layers seperate baste off the top shit let ether sit out in hot CA sun

    mantle7717 Active Member

    hahahahahaha shit lol i love cali, im payin like 45 a gram for perfect glass, not frozen oil, full shatter at room temperature........ and for all yall who dont know how to make amber glass,its pretty simple.

    First: BHO in to a pryex with 2-3 coffee filters about an ounce ground bud( try to use a grinder without a pollen catcher to maintain the kiefy goodness).
    Now the issue all yall are gonna face is how to purge this, you can whip it, but if you dont have the bho heated enough or if you just over whip it your left with wax and no one wants that. If you heat it too much you could melt it into oil. You could just water purge but with the inconsistancy of the water temperature its risky to whip.
    What many is the SF area do is extended water purge, a pyrex of water is placed on an electric heated plate set to around 130F then the bho is waterpurged for a number of days, leaving full shatter.

    Second: ISO is a good solution for hard concentrate, but is dangerous and can be tricky, Unless the iso you make is drained and separated from the bud material in 30 seconds, you will not obtain amber, instead you will be left with a thin black abomination of an oil. if done right you will be left with a lite yellow/gold liquid (bad will be a dark green color) this could be done by either filtering the bud material from the 99%iso intime or just distilling premade concentrate into 99%iso (many in SF just make BHO then add it to 99% iso).
    Take your yellow/gold and put it into a pyrex dish, then boil a pot of water, place the pyrex on the pot so that it is not in the watter but acting more like a lid, the steam will heat and evaporate the iso and leave a hard rock like amber.
    The only issue with this is the idea of putting a iso over a flame is risky, i have been in an iso hash explosion before and fucked my hands up real good.

    Kanivers Active Member

    Why isn't this entire thread in the concentrates section?
    All of you could learn a lot by reading there.

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