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How do i Make Purple Haze Purple?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by PuRpLeMaN010, Sep 24, 2009.


    PuRpLeMaN010 Member

    hi,i am a fairly experienced with growing indoors and have done so a couple times.i have a very high sodium growing light with also a seperate bulb to flower also a hyrdrophonic kit which fits 6 plants.I just decided to order seeds online so i got the Classic purple haze.Now my question is how would i make this weed turn a purpleish color?(maybe the temp but if so when when and how long?)Please someone help and write me!

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    well a true purple strain will turn color no matter what..but yeah cold temps have been knowen to trun SOME plants (leafs) purple but i do thinkit will cause the bud to trun purple..were did u get the beans from?

    PuRpLeMaN010 Member

    i got the seeds from the attitude seedband website and its the classic purple haze ,alot of people been sayin cold temp toward the end of flowing but i dont know if it will effect the smoke or high of the weed when its ready

    MEANGREEN69 Well-Known Member

    i whould do some reseach on that strain, it mite just turn purple on its own. i dont think cold temps are going to hurt the buds much but i dont know for sure.

    dagobaker Well-Known Member

    ive read humbolt nutes has a purple additive

    ic3blink Member

    Purple Maxx (snow storm) It's not a dye. It doesn't turn all plants purple (enhances) and its very tricky to use. I already burned my test plant.

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