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How do cops find marijuana with helicopters?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Potgrower3345, Nov 11, 2009.


    Potgrower3345 Well-Known Member

    Im growing 5 plants outdoors please dont ask me where im from. Anyway im wondering how do cops find plants with helicopters do they jsut fly really low? or do something else iv heard about infared and what does that do?

    newb101 New Member

    they have detect with helicopters that look for infa red heat signatures. the plant gives off heat. you should be fine as long as its in a good spread area, they say pine trees help throw off the heat sensors.

    CaptainDastardly Member

    Its not just that the plants give off heat...lots of plants give off heat (I'd say /all/, but then dick would point out 1 plant that doesn't). Police have spent a good bit of time studying the specific heat signature of MJ, and use it sort of like a fingerprint to differentiate between its heat and heat caused by other things.
    One of the common tricks to prevent this is to put the MJ near plants that give off similar heat signatures. Corn is one of these plants...also, corn grows even faster than MJ, so it can be used for cover pretty well if no one else goes strolling your corn field.
    Cedar/Pine forests are also a good bet. There tends to be a good deal of heat emitted from the ground in such areas (during spring/summer/fall anyway), the trees themselves do well to disguise the plants from normal aerial viewing while blocking less light than a leafier tree.
  4. cannabis gives a distinctive green color when ready to flower and thats how they find you. Heat signatures on a plant? come one......thats how they find a grow room in your house.
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    Im unsure whether or not its true but have heard they can see the tops with infrared when flying over.:leaf:

    Potgrower3345 Well-Known Member

    also how low do the helicopters fly? and do they do it at night or day?
    Illegal Smile

    Illegal Smile Guest

    I'll bet they fly around and get little hits all the time, and only pay attention to anything really large. I'd say 5 plants would be invisible.
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    Potgrower3345 Well-Known Member

    LOL? i beleieve in the heat thing. But what you just said is stupid tbh im growing in the forrest with pine trees theres also alot of differnt smaller plants and some grass growing but all plants are green most of them anyway and there are alot of differnt types of plants that are green near my plants.
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    stommper Member

    There are a few things the cops look for when using a helicopter to spot growers outside. They fly by water and look for paths that lead from the water to a given area, they also look for trash on the ground. Outside grower will plant in a snail pattern or in rows which can be seen from the sky, and they can tell by the color of the plant. 5 plants I think you will be ok.....lol

    As far as the heat thing- you can't tell the plants by their heat how stupid is that. Police helicopter use a camera called a FLIR(Forward Looking Infrared Radar) This camera cant look through walls it can just detect heat. The police use this to detect indoor growers The police even have hand held cameras in there cars. I wouldn't be to worried about these cameras, The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled a search warrrant must be obtained before police can use a FLIR camera on any resident either by air or car.
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    Ledhed Well-Known Member

    Marijuana has a distinctly different shade of green to it than most other plants, that's how helicopters find the outdoor grows, not from plant heat.The FLIR is used to detect heat emanating from indoor grow operations and is usually used to detect the larger grows as the heat from them is a LOT more than what an average house would throw off. A seasoned pilot or spotter can see the difference in the shades of greenery in the forest or farm fields that have marijuana growing in or near them. Plant heat signatures have nothing to do with anything as far as aerial spotting goes, it's all about the different color that marijuana plants have as compared to other naturally ocurring vegetation.

    resinraider Active Member

    i dont know about the heat thing, i think thats bullshit... they do how ever look for trampled paths, planting patterns, and garbage... also most plants r dead, brown and wilting by ur weeds harvest time and ur colas are still nice green and lush
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    Maryjane123 Well-Known Member

    Dear, Dear, Dear....

    The police wont EVER catch you, there is people with vivariums, oil heaters etc, theres just far to many variables to suggest your growing cannabis, the only way I could ever seeing it adding to evidence is if your selling or someone grassed on you to police and they send a chopper over house to try and get more evidence for an warrent for your arrest...

    Otherwise if know one knows you grow, you haven't told anyone and only you who grows the chopper will bypass as you could have a vivarium, oil heater or anything and if they where rading everytime they saw a heat sig then they probably be bankrupt.

    The human body gives of more heat than your grow room.

    zachl413 Active Member

    i hate when pigs fly
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    jbo Active Member

    me too! makes me nervous

    jordisgarden Well-Known Member

    the color and shape of the plants is what gives em away in the woods. its real obvious when they fly over and a clearing shows up with dark green perfectly round plants in rows show. its easy to spot.

    VansStoner1748 Well-Known Member

    Your only growing 5 plants my friend, I think your just fine.
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    kybishop Member

    You are all wrong! when the heli pilots (once they get at a certain height) look down. they can only find them when when they enter their veg cycle. at a certain height the MJ plants appear to be a blueish color. they cant see them if there is a small plot like 3 or 4 or if they are spread across a vast area. it is when you group them together in rows about a foot apart will they be found. just keep your plants about 20 foot apart over a vast area and you have nothing to worry about. trust me i went on a heli ride with a teacher of mine who used to be a narc cop.
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    tehgenoc1de Active Member

    With Dr. Greenthumb’s Sizzlean Screen, I don’t hafta point my shotgun at them pesky porkers no more.
    Thanks Dr. Green, you’re tha shit.

    Dwezelitsame Well-Known Member

    most plant in patterns near water

    an they have special lights that react to trichoms sending back a certain return signal
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    KuLong Well-Known Member

    Heat signature from a plant?

    I really don't have any words on how stupid that statement is.
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