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Hempy Buckets

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by GraF, May 11, 2007.


    GraF Well-Known Member

    Not sure if anyone has ever heard of these or not..... I usually stay in the indoor section due to me being a dirtbag myself but HEY!!!! I found this, called a hempy bucket.... I might be switching to this very soon.... this guy that threw this together yielded 17 oz's dry off 1 tree..... google it!!!! theres pics too.

    heres some directions....

    Hempy Bucket
    Hi every one i thort id add this system of growing i use and have used from the erly to mid 80s , As most of you that know me will all ready know that im a belive in simplicity and things that work and i only realy state facts that i have experencet from hands on.

    I like the hempy bucket becouse of its simplicity and the price of the system (ITS FREE ) to make and has no moveing parts that can fail and once the plant has started its root system you can basicly water and forget it for 2 days or 3 depending on temps and you can grow eny strain from sativa to indica in it .

    I basicly got the idear from my first hydro kit i ever got that was a tamato hydro kit and i found it realy easy to understand ,It was basicly an aquponic set up and the guy i had got it from i whent back a few years later telling him about my creation and how i got it from his idear and the look on his face and smile sed it all ,Iv spoken to a few people in the hydro industry about it and they all tell me it wont work it will couse root rot so on well there all rong becouse this method works and they say a picture is worth a 100 wards right lol.

    I AM NOT SAYING THIS METHOD IS THE BEST BUT What i am saying is its a option and a easy cheep way to grow hydroponicly and nothing more, I have tryed a lot of methods and have all ways gone back to this.

    To make a hempy bucket is simple all you need to do is this

    Get your self a bucket eny colour but clear as you will end up with algy forming as the nutes react to the light .

    The size of the bucket can very from 1 gal (4lt) to 5gal (20lt) ruffly i personaly like useing a 10 lt bucket and have had up to 14 oz yield from a single bucket but it depends on the strain and given phino .

    Once you have your bucket then get a drill and drill a drain hole in the side of the bucket about 2 inch from the bottom , The drain hole can be around 7/16.

    And the medium i use is perlite/vermiculite at around 3 to 4 parts perlite to 1 part vermiculite.You can use volcanic rocks but personaly i found the perlite / vermiculite a lot better in meany ways.

    All you need to do now is basicly add the rooted clone or seedling water with nutes and thats it,I would water it daily until the tap root and root system has headed down to the res but once you see a desent growth rate id then start to water every 2 days.

    The only thing rong with it is you need to hand water and you get run off from the drain hole thats it and as far as checking your PH well the only time you need to do that is when you mix your nutes i like useing a PH of 6.2 PH .

    If you want to ask me questions feel free .

    If you want to see the resolts of the hempy Bucket let me know and il tell you were to go to see them.

    Like i sed im not stateing this methods is the best just saying its a option and a free one and it works and works well

    GraF Well-Known Member

    10 views?? no replies.... sssssslipping

    GSTATUS Well-Known Member

    "If you want to see the resolts of the hempy Bucket let me know and il tell you were to go to see them."


    BloodShotI'z Well-Known Member

    Good info...I heard about this too. I was gonna give it a shot with a plant just to see if it works.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    thats an article I found on the subject....

    google it and you will find....... came from that 420 site.... its _____ ____420 forgot the first part

    Im LOVIN that Avatar dude!!!!

    ljjr Well-Known Member

    i just posted that on your other thread, its on hg420...here is the link to view it lol its dr. chronic's forum

    HomeGrown420 - The Hempy Bucket

    hempy is a cool guy, if u pm him on hg420 he will give you some important specifics on using his system. very cool site as well.


    GROW ON!

    skunkushybrid New Member

    So, are you going to do this Graf?

    I'd be really interested in a journal of this type. From start to finish.

    Biggy Active Member

    How much and often do you feed nutes, what type of nutes?

    bigd921 Well-Known Member

    I transplanted 4 seedlings from my AG and put them in hempy buckets, I am keeping my journal (link in sig) updated with the progress....

    hearmenow Well-Known Member


    1freezy Well-Known Member

    You know any Hempy chicks?

    kearners Well-Known Member

    so easy yet so effective :D thats the best way to do things!! although i still prefer the idea of aeroponics!!

    mgjeans Active Member

    This is results... Bug Bud. any questions PM me.:mrgreen:


    ReggaeBoy0420 Active Member

    Jesus!! mother of ganja,wow! how much did u get off that??!

    MistyXMountainXTop Active Member

    Holy dump! That looks great! I want that plants body.

    mgjeans Active Member

    If I remember correctly I got a little over 4 ounces dried.. not bad:mrgreen:

    Billj500 New Member

    Wow MG, proportionally, that is probably the nicest looking plant I have ever seen! A quarter pound yield from a plant that size, holly shitballs...you deserve a PHD in botany for that one!

    mgjeans Active Member

    Thanks Bill, I was really proud of that plant!:weed:

    Jizzmaster0 New Member

    Wow Im totally glad I just worked my ass off making my Bubbleponics reservoirs perfect. Here's some ideas I would like feedback on for this thread though. Taking a res. (10 Gal) and leaving the lid off. Using 6-8 2 liter soda bottles cut in half with the holes drilled in them near the bottom and using Hydroton grow rocks with Vermiculite mixed and using my lowryder hybrids....also keeping the net cups, just placing them in the bottles when ready.. sound like a plan?!
    Boyz N Da Hood

    Boyz N Da Hood Well-Known Member

    wow that plant looks amazing!! what did u do to it from start to finish?

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