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Help with clones - no roots

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by spliffmeupscotty, Mar 14, 2011.


    spliffmeupscotty Well-Known Member

    Hi, I have no problems growing plants from seed and no problem growing clones on, but I can't get my clones to root. They look perfectly healthy and green and they never wilt but 0 roots. I've had them 1 month from plant and still looking perfect but pull it up and there's nothing. I'm currently using peat pellets with clonex covered with an opaque ice cream tub like plastic container.
    Can anyone give me an idea as to why I'm failing and or what is the best method of getting 100% (or near as damn it) success rate, as I generally only take 1-2 clones at a time.

    herbinator Member

    Does it have to come from the bottom? I put mine inside my grow space because it's hotter there than outside. Is it a better idea to take'm out and use a heating mat?

    DrFever New Member

    slow down on you foilage feeding ( spraying ) and work on dipping your pet pelets in water from bottom and forcing roots to come out an go to water source
    i have seen clones green for months and no roots your feedin on top secret is watering on bottom

    gNurgles Member

    If the the top of the tub they're in is opaque then they may not be getting enough light. Try using a clear cover and maybe adding more light. I use rapid rooted cubes with olivia's cloning gel. I place them in a 7" high altitude dome. No heating on the bottom. I spray them about twice a day. It usually takes two to three weeks for roots to start showing up outside the cube. Sucess rate has been 100%.

    taint Well-Known Member

    This is an easy way to do some cuts.First a healthy plant in veg with some good branching,side and top views.
    I use an old cutting board,a rusty razor,sharp fine pointed scissors and roottech gel.
    You don't need any hormones at all to take cuts successfully but it speeds up the process and the plants are less beat up by the time they root.
    How the branch looks removed with nodes attached and stripped off,I just pinch them off be careful not to kink the stem.......kinking is bad.
    Stick in gel let sit for 30 seconds or so.
    In this case I'm using peat pellets but it'll work in just about anything that will keep the cut from drying out while it's rooting.
    Soak the pellets overnight or they'll suck the moisture outta the cuts with bad results.
    Poke hole in pellet,stick cut all the way down again careful not to kink the stem.
    Form pellet around stem,gently.......then dunk in water to replace what ya squeezed out by forming then put in a dome.I'm using a cake box,they come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes plus ya getta cake.......fucking A.
    In this case they're about 12"s under a 42 watt cfl,just leave'em alone they don't like being messed with.
    Roots take anywhere from 5 to 15 days depending on plant and temp,I will take some pics and explain how I quick harden them off and pot'em when these root.
    Now the donor plant provided 6 cuts and has 4 main branches,ready to be up-potted and flowered tomorrow.
    [​IMG] Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    spliffmeupscotty Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies guys, I don't foliar water. Purely bottom watered, should I be foliar spraying? Heat mats, I have some spare infra-red heat mats from my scorpions, would these suffice, or too harsh maybe?

    I'm cloning Mataro Blue from Kannabia and I've seen clones of this absolutely fly out of the starting blocks from a friends grow.

    elfroggo Active Member

    good old electric blanket or heating pad will work for heat too. I too have had major problems with clones rooting up until now, much like you've described. I just started using an alcohol based rooting hormone, and all 7 of my cuttings rooted in 2 weeks or less, I'm completely shocked.
    Buds Mcfadden

    Buds Mcfadden Member

    Best cloning tutorial ever: Youtube user Sublbc's "Growers guide to production cloning". A heat mat from a scorpion cage might be too much. I dont know how often you're bottom feeding the plants, but often times if the peat is too wet, you will not see any roots ever. To get roots to come out, they need to be searching for water. If its already too wet, they wont grow. What I do is i keep my dome nice and humid by spraying the inside of it 1-2 times a day and only bottom feeding if the growing medium becomes really dry. Over time, the amount i offer them for bottom feeding decreases as well. You gotta coax them roots out! XD

    spliffmeupscotty Well-Known Member

    Still no damn roots. I'm thinking of buying some Root Riot pellets to try, anyone have any experience?
    Mr.Therapy Man 2

    Mr.Therapy Man 2 Active Member

    Root riot plugs work fine,the problems is not your plugs,now that you have a heatpad your clones will root.Dont be impatient,,its hard for me to get roots without a heat mat and Ive been cloneing since the early 80s..Keep your head up ,you will get roots..You do need a( seedling mat) and a thermostat helps alot but the thermostat is as high as the pad itself

    spliffmeupscotty Well-Known Member

    22 days and my clone is growing :) cheers for advice guys

    ROBSTERB Well-Known Member

    hi spliffmeupscotty you shouldnt be bottom feeding your clones untill they have roots as without roots the carnt take any water in that way, you need to spray the leaves atleast once aday, i use the same as you with the peat pellets and think there perfect because the roots grow out the side so you can tell when they have rooted with out messing with them.

    good luck


    dolfix Member

    only one thing might let the medium dryy out not completly but let it get dry as u can , u are waaiting to see some yeloowing inyour fan leaves u want the plant to use its own sources of eneregy to root try to leave them no spraying no deeping no nothing wait to see some yeloowish its a good sign of root development , good luck! even take the domm away see if they wilt if they don't forget about it for 5 days and u will see rottssss!!!

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