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Help!!!!!!! Dying plants!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by chris9129, Dec 27, 2011.


    chris9129 Member

    I need some help with my plants. They appear to be dying at the moment and i cant figure out the problem. (btw this is my first grow) Plant appearance: yellowing spots/yellowing of new growth/yellowing young leaves (rest of the plant is light green), curled down leaves "aka eagle claw", stunned growth, purpule/redish edges of young leaves, plant seems dry wont suck up any water, this has been on going and progressing to worse for the past 8-10 days. (also there are 3 plants that are perfectly fine plus a few more smaller ones that are perfectly fine as well so my conclusion is that something is wrong with the feeding and not an atmospheric issue.)
    1. Strain: OG KUSH
    2. Growing: indoor
    3. Growing Medium: Pro-Mix soiless mix HP
    4. What stage of growth: Vegetative day 71 (i was going to switch them to flower on day 60 but i seen the plants getting sick so i delayed it)
    5. Lights: 6 MH 1000W (about 2 feet away from plants, definetly not the issue.)
    6. Ventilation: 7 wall fans plus 2 12" max fans intake/outake (again i dont think this is an issue)
    7. CO2: not at the moment
    8. Growing Pot: 7 gallon airpots with plenty of holes for great drainage and air intake
    9. Nutrients: Holland Grow - i have used this brand that a local hydro store makes up until this happened (thats the reason i stopped using it and bought a commercial brand Green Planet) personally i think this nutrients i used was to harsh since i was feeding them around 500ppms(ECx700) fluctuating the ph from 6.1-6.6ph and at the low dose tips still burned on lower leaves and slightly on middle and upper.
    *The problem im experiencing seems to be from nutrient/ph issue. I thought it was salt build up originally so i leached the soil with about 15+ gallons per pot. It has been about 4-5 days since the leaching and it seems to be progressing to worse rather then better. anyone? if i left any information out please feel free to ask. also here are pictures of the plants and everything. The lower quality pictures are more recent and the higher quality pics are from when it started.
    IMG00108-20111227-1515.jpg IMG00109-20111227-1515.jpg IMG00110-20111227-1515.jpg IMG00111-20111227-1515.jpg IMG00112-20111227-1516.jpg IMG00113-20111227-1516.jpg IMG00114-20111227-1516.jpg IMG00115-20111227-1517.jpg IMG00116-20111227-1517.jpg IMG00117-20111227-1517.jpg IMG00118-20111227-1518.jpg IMG00119-20111227-1518.jpg P1010019.jpg P1010020.jpg P1010021.jpg P1010022.jpg P1010023.jpg P1010024.jpg P1010025.jpg P1010026.jpg

    kilo810 Active Member

    root rot maybe? try some great white in a feed when the soil drys a bit. should help clear up the yucky stuff and promote new growth. they def look fucked up and its def a root issue soil kinda sucks in this way because you cant see everything. When you did the leaching you used a ton of water root rot fungi love it when we do this in desperation.

    kilo810 Active Member

    keep the soil kinda dry too just a tiny bit of moisture to help the bennies. the roots need the o2 of dryer soil

    Palmdiggidy Well-Known Member

    he may have used alota water but man those r some big pots. but i do agree it seems like a root problem. also may wana use some h202 before use of any root inoculants which are great for soil.

    Roflicer Active Member

    Jesus fuck what was your overhead for that grow dude? Like 2000 dollars? Also that amount of lights seem severely excessive

    gobskiii Well-Known Member

    its a PH issue man

    gotigers0420 Active Member

    Nice fucking set up!! excessive my ass. if hes got 4 grand for that room he can afford the lights. As for your problem, it looks like over watering to me, hence the flush not helping. and the same reaason the one wont take water. its already full. You should be watering by the weight of the plant. once watered fully weight it by hand. once its 65-70% lighter water again. Should be good to go. Again nive set up!!

    Enzogrowspot Active Member

    Nice bro...lol

    chris9129 Member

    thanks for the replies and yes a lot of money went into setting up this medical garden. i dont think the watering is the issue as i let them dry fairly good right before the leaves start to droop i water them. i do go by the weight of the pot i let it dry to about 80% lighter then a fully watered one. someone mentioned above ph issue. i do believe it has something to do with the ph. i fluctuate the ph 6.1-6.6. now i read somewhere that doing that can cause a lockout but i also heard it is good to do it because you give the plant a chance to absorb a wider range of nutrients. anyone has some solid input on this matter?

    chris9129 Member

    *little update on the issue
    it seems that i might have figured out the problem. Ventilation might be the issue after all. Right now it is below 0C outside and i have done some research and found out that P gets lockout from cold temperatures which would explain the yellowing of new leaves. So basically i think right now the cold air thats coming into the room might be affecting the plants the only weird thing is that 3 of the plants and some of the younger plants dont seem to be affected by this...yet. Also there might be a few other factors playing a role in worsening the plants condition. i will keep you posted on this issue hopefully someone else can add some info.

    chris9129 Member

    bump bump bump bump

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