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Hash Oil prices?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Thurgood jenkin$, Apr 24, 2012.

    Thurgood jenkin$

    Thurgood jenkin$ Active Member

    Hey, wondering what the STREET price is for a gram of hash oil?

    Thanks homies! :roll:

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    Is it becoming a common street commodity? I'm curious as to street pricing as well.

    Josh3235 Active Member

    It all depends where your at. I'm in California and people on the street sell some oil and wax between 30-50$ a gram. I get some super good wax often from my friend for 20$ a gram. I got lucky on Monday when I went to a dispensary that I go to sometimes, had some leftover oil from 420 for 10$ a gram. I don't know what the prices for wax and oil are in illegal states though.

    Medical420MI Active Member

    It's like $30-60 a gram here. Oil is usually cheaper than wax. I did get some hexane oil that was $60 a gram but it was amazing and has lasted forever. That's at the compassion club or dispensary so I'm not sure about "street" prices. I'd imagine $60 a gram would be the going rate but why would anyone sell it on the street when you could make more just selling the bud. Plus it's a controlled substance here so it's a felony. It's great for migraines when I can't choke down a bowl and I need instant pain relief.

    VLRD.Kush Well-Known Member

    It seems like it should be more expensive... Considering a gram of nugs is usually around the $20 peak price, and your turnover is so little from bud to oil.

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    here in aus. it's about $20 a point!!!! and maybe $80 a gram, not many people do it here, i make my own from shellite, and keep it mostly for myself and a couple of close friends who want their erbs to last longer

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    xKuroiTaimax Well-Known Member

    Seems highly unusual to did it on the street to me.. Maybe it's because UK dealers barely know how to make any kind of concentrate; I was shocked when mine found out what I do with my weed and was willing to hand over a shitload for me to make hash with for a cut.

    You might be better off asking in the concentrates section


    Josh3235 Active Member

    When people grow a lot of bud, they have trim, so they just use frosty trim for good ass oil and wax. Using nice chronic buds is kind of a waste like you were saying.
    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster


    20 to 50 per gram, unless its some fire type.

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    maybe, but that yellow oil you see in my post above, is from buds, and i can't get it like that with just sugar trim, the waxes and sugars leach out making it darker and less 'pure' and oly my outdoor seems to go that yellow, my indoor is more of a red / amber

    is it really a waste?? i don't think it's a waste, i don't sell my erbs, if i got too much for my needs it goes to hash or oil :) this is my indoor oil....fully purged, and cured

    Matt Rize

    Matt Rize Hashmaster

    not a waste. let the kids smoke flowers. lol.


    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    lol! yeah, i try to start the day with flowers only.....i say i try.... but sometimes it's nice to go out and feel on that 'different level' dreamy state knowing that you are the lucky one floating around oblivious to anything

    Josh3235 Active Member

    He didn't know how people yield a lot of wax or oil, so I was saying people use a lot of frosty trim to yield a lot. The trim is awesome because it's extra from the plants and not a lot of people want it and isn't fun smoking so just make concentrates from it. I've had really nice wax from trim before.

    flowamasta Well-Known Member

    i totally agree with you, you can get really nice quality from trim, being more careful not to agitate is the key, just to get surface trichs without breaking plant matter maybe....i do go a bit further for a second run sometimes, jut to see a difference, but usually i lose interest because of the quality goes down the longer you wash / or cook or whatever the method....

    better than throwing in the bin either way!!!!

    Blowpipe Member

    I grow just for myself,I never sell any of it and always have so much I can`t get through it so shelf life becomes an issue.I use my older nugs to make oil,never feels like a waste of bud coz oil is lovely and bud sitting in jar getting old is just getting older.Also the oil stays good for much longer than the bud does.

    hempyninja309 Well-Known Member

    $50/g is the average price for wax in the Midwest. When I was out in Denver last time I was looking at a magazine that had ads for local dispensaries and there was a coupon for 5/g's of wax for $100.
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