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harvest before frost?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by arizonared, Sep 25, 2006.


    arizonared Active Member

    I have no idea how this works, new to site, new to growing...friend tossed some seeds in garden and whoops the damn thing is 7 feet tall now and I just hope the neighbors don't see it. Looks like buds all over the place, sorta white, sorta green - what happens next and when. It's a mild climate here.. someone told me to try to hold out till just before first frost. Is that right? then what????

    jacgrass420 Well-Known Member

    wait a bit, till 80 % of the hairs are orange

    arizonared Active Member

    I read some advice on this site about pruning the bottom branches where there aren't too many buds. This will supposedly put more energy into production of the upper ones. Correct? And should I go ahead and dry out the clippings and give them to my friend to try, since I don't even like the stuff. Or toss them?
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Correct. yeah let your buddy smoke them. They wont be that great but it should give him/her a buzz. A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

    arizonared Active Member

    Will the clippings be some indication of what to expect from the real harvest? We have no idea what seed actually took hold since he'd been tossing some out there over time from a couple of different purchases. I understand the seed is key and not the growing conditions. In other words this may be cheap weed and not worth the risk I'm taking leaving it out there in my flower bed for neighbors to potentially freak out about. It seems to have stopped growing upward, but as I stated earlier it's gotta be at least 7 ft tall, maybe more. My neighbor down the street is a real pothead and she's inquiring about samples, and my cleaning lady informed me she just noticed the damn thing a week ago while sweeping my porch and she wants some too. So several people are emotionally invested in this experiment and I'm worried it may be a dissappointment to them all.
    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Not really. I mean it may kinda resemble the final product but its definitely not going to get you high like a mature bud. One thing I would like to point out is the growing conditions mean a lot. So does the drying process. If I grow some bag weed I can promise you it will be better(unless its a hemp cross) than the bag weed. Just because I would put more time into it and wont treat it like some crop in a field. Im sure the cartel that grew the weed doesnt have rollitup.com in their corner either. lol.

    Sublime757 Well-Known Member

    damn right, ive had an outdoor bagseed crop all turn bluish purple one year. and it was better than most of the "hydro" going around.

    arizonared Active Member

    ohhhhhh....thank you, that sounds so encouraging! I guess we'll just proceed and see where this goes. It's been fun watching it mature. I'm an enthusiastic gardner and feel like a proud parent.
    tleaf jr.

    tleaf jr. Well-Known Member

    u know wat i want to know when people gow weed on purpose its hard as hell but someone throwin some seeds out on dirt it works perfect.

    EarthlyPassions Well-Known Member

    I feel the same way about my sprouts! At night I go into my grow space and talk to my little "green babies". I know it's probably the carbon dioxide, but I feel like they grow better when they know my voice and hear it often.
    If having a actual kid produces anything like the feelings I get when I see my plants grow, I might actually consider having one.:roll:

    igstid420 Well-Known Member

    worlds funny like that. we dedicate time, effort, money not to mention our heart and soul into these babies......but (bloop) toss seeds ina garden just because and a 7ft jungle appears.no shit..

    EarthlyPassions Well-Known Member

    Can't beat nature at her own game I guess. Oh well, I like being a part of the process.
    I can smoke with a feeling of accomplishment.

    elmolives Active Member

    when the white hairs turn rusty brownish color,cut it down, hang it in a cool dry room for a few,seal it n a dark plastic bag and send it to my new number,my old number got smoked. bout down to the roach! so send me my new number over rover!!!

    elmolives Active Member

    see, there ya go!! all i gotta do is just start throwin seeds? play the lottery much? if yoo dont puff it let some one else!!! IF ITS ORGANIC DONT PANIC!! lucky dog 7ft huh? dang!

    Str8y180 Active Member

    Watching a plant grow is like starring at a dog turd compared to watching your own kid. Get in there bro its the highest high. keep on choofin xoxo

    dufferls Active Member

    ok any ideas or thoughts on an outside grow in soil with worm castings will i need some orgaok any ideas or thoughts on an outside grow in soil with worm castings will i need some organic nutes or not ,plus my garden will be right next to a mullberry tree will all the rotten mullberrys help or hinder my grow? growning white widow and power skunk i live in the midwest are these strains all right for my location?nic nutes or not ,plus my garden will be right next to a mullberry tree will all the rotten mullberrys help or hinder my grow? growning white widow and power skunk i live in the midwest are these strains all right for my location?

    MarijuanaMarvel Active Member


    MarijuanaMarvel Active Member

    Actually grow the skunk into the tree the plant will use the trees nutrients plus u need no soil and only water

    Highroller66 Active Member

    i think it depends on if it is female or not , if it is and it doesnt get too fertilized ,meaning not to many seeds , they wont be dissapointed , it might be far from the best but is definatly good enough for people wanting free weed . And watch out for thieves , were i live they dont ask , they just take
    Hank's Hooter

    Hank's Hooter Active Member

    you better at least take one hit of that shit! Have the pot lady down the road take a toke of it with you

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