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Growing Outdoors in Spain

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Serial Violator, Mar 9, 2013.

    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    Hello, right the plan is to grow a few plants under the sun, it'll be my first time growing outside so hopefully it'll go smoothly. I plan on growing in coco in 15L airpots using canna nutes and few added extras. I have a load of strains to choose from but not sure which would be best to grow in the climate im in (east coast of Spain) so if anyone knows what would be good outside out of the list below.

    • List of strains.
      Pineapple Express/fem/DNA
      Sour cream/fem/DNA
      Connie Chung/fem/DNA
      Hash plant haze/fem/DNA
      Snow cap LA/fem/DNA
      Bubblegummer/fem/Female seeds
      White Widow x Big Bud/fem/Female seeds
      White Russian/fem/Sensi seeds
      Black Domina/fem/Sensi seeds
      Exodus cheese/fem/Greenhouse seeds
      Lemoin skunk/fem/Greenhouse seeds
      Super Lemon Haze/fem/Greenhouse seeds
      Kalashkinova/fem/Greenhouse seeds
      Superbud/fem/Greenhouse seeds
      Kiwi skunk/fem/kiwi seeds
      Whit Widow/fem/Dinafem
      Original Amnesia/fem/Dinafem
      Blue Widow/fem/Dinafem
      LSD/fem/Barneys farm
      Vanilla kush/fem/Barneys farm
      Jedi Kush/regs/Cali connections
      Sour OG/regs/Cali connections
      Burmese Kush/fem/TH seeds
      Critical Mass/regs/Mr Nice
      The Dog/fem/Breeders Boutique
      Cheese/regs/Kaliman seeds
      Osiris/fem/Pyramid seeds
      Big Bomb/regs/Bomb seeds
      Jack diesel/fem/Positronics seeds
      Sour cheese express/Positronics seeds
      Grapefruit/fem/Positronics seeds
      Blueberry Headband/fem/Emerlad Triangle
      Goji OG/fem/Bohdi seeds
      Chocolate Heaven/fem/G13 labs
      Bubba Kush/regs/Humbolt seeds
      Casey Jones/?/?

      Automatic seeds

      Critical Mass/fem/Big Buddha
      Fruit Automaic/fem/Dinafem
      Easyryder/fem/Joint Doctor
      Sweet tooth/fem/Barneys Farm
      Cheese candy/fem/Delicious seeds
      Also will the coco and dry out too fast as i don't really want to be feeding them anymore than once a day or longer if possible?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated​


    hydrosoil78 Active Member

    the coco will hold the moisture so you won't have to water as much, like water for 15-30 mins at first then skip a day unless it starts to wilt or look dead. later on try to skip 2 days , the roots can seek water deeper down thats still there. the OG kush hybrids should finish earlier if you can get them in the sun early. snowcap LA might take longer , bubba kush should be good if its like the one from greenhouse. I did critical sensi star so critical + or mass should be good too. Hash plant haze is a yes, I had 2 good phenotypes I'm trying them outdoors. Super bud might be OK but I neglected it last year but I was hand watering.
    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks mate, the critical mass and hash plant haze were a couple i was thinking of.
    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    Soooo the plan is to plant a couple of the auto Critical mass in the next couple of weeks to get an early harvest, indoors they finished for me in just over 8 weeks and i got 2 oz per plant. Also im going to do White Russian, Vanilla kush,big bomb and maybe a normal Critical mass but not sure as its prone to mold if its to humid but we'll see.
    Not sure whether to have them outside from the start because i don't really have the facilities to veg them indoors as my indoor set up is being used for 12-12 fs, all depends if i can blag my other half into letting me set up another tent and light(lots of ass kissing for me in the next week i think)
    Serial Violator

    Serial Violator Well-Known Member

    I've haven't cracked any autos but have decided to go with the kiwi skunk, critical mass and dog Kush. Not sure weather to start them straight outside or under 12-12 and them let them revege if they are going to

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