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Growing clones outdoors

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by 215, Sep 1, 2007.


    215 Active Member

    Whats up everybody? This is my first post here. Im a medical marijuana patient in the state of california and am interested in buying clones from the local clubs and growing them in my backyard. This website kicks ass and I have been reading up nonstop, but im interested in more of a simple and organic grow. Can i successfully grow clones outdoors without having to give them tons of nutrients and other things? I was thinking more of a basic setup with clay pots and organic soil and nothing else but water and sunshine(and of course high quality clones with good genetics). As I am a student as well I cant make growing into a full time job but more of just a fun little hobby. I have a card so I would like to take advantage of being able to grow my 25 plants as much as possible(sonoma county kicks ass).Im thinking of buying 4 or 5 clones to start off with and see how it goes. Any imput from clone growers would be great too.


    kylej608 Well-Known Member

    should be fine, it seems like the less you do the better anyways. you still might need some organic nitrogen and flowering nuits tho. but thats no biggy

    medical.use Well-Known Member

    This is the wrong time of year to put clones outside. The clones your about to get will mostly need a month or more of 18+ hr light before flowering them. Outside in cal plants are in the 12 hr budding stages already so your too late. You may want to do a small indoor garden during the winter. Then be ready to put clones outside after the last freez.

    215 Active Member

    Yeah, I will have to wait for a few months before I can start so I may set up some clones in my garage with a simple light setup. I would still like to take advantage of all the sun that we get here and get some really nice medication from them. What Im really excited about is the excess trim I will have left over for making some hash :D

    timfbmx Well-Known Member

    Get yourself a light and grow some monsters indoors.

    215 Active Member

    I think im just going to run some 5 gallon buckets under some growing lights. Does anybody know the policy with growing in an apartment with your medical license? Im not talking about some huge wholesale grow, just my personal plants. If I cant do it I wont trip out and will just wait for the season to roll around. When do most outdoor growers plant their crops>

    bubblerking Well-Known Member

    i plant 1 foot clones in mid july

    medical.use Well-Known Member

    A friend of mine planted in may but his babys did go through a couple frezzes. They all lived most likely because they were a couple feet tall already. Now there up to 8ft tall 6ft wide bushes.

    ceilingbeds Active Member

    outdoors is the best. you get 10,000 lumens/per square foot. though lumens is measurable by the human eye, it still equates to plants. the more lumens the better. you will need to top your plants indoors, otherwise they will grow too tall and no light will be able to penetrate them, unless you get a sulphur plasma, but you better have the cash for that. but def. do it indoors anyways, just gotta know how to handle it, but thankfully its easier to handle then outdoors if you take the necessary precautions, everything will be on a timer... :). you should start your plants indoors maybe in like feb. which is why it is also important to just grow indoors anyways, cuz you are going to take the plants that you start in february (indoors), and transfer them outdoors after the freezing in the year. its ok if they catch a freeze or two, they'll be so established they'll live. and often times freezing just stops the growth for a little while, not long sometimes it will come back the next day even. read up about frosts affecting your grapes, def. comparable knowledge. otherwise you can plant anytime between 4 20 and probably mid july. the earlier you plant, the bigger they'll be. just remember for the nutrients and fertilizers, dont get any miracle grow slow release bullshit. the nitrogen will be on a slow release and seap into your flowering stage. you want to be able to control the npk... high nitrogen in veg...and high pk in flower. use a magnifying glass to judge the trichromes when picking...THAT IS JUST AS IMPORTANT AS ALL THE TIME AND MONEY SPENT ON GROWING THEM!

    good luck...but beware...student or not, don't kid yourself...your happy about sonoma county, your smokin bud goin to college probably...obama is going the direction he is going...its going to be precedent over anything else....IT WILL ALWAYS BE ON YOUR MIND!...not smoking helps with that though...but thats a tough drawback lol.

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