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Greenleaf Nutrients $1600 MEGA CROP October + Instagram

Discussion in 'In It To WIN It' started by GreenleafNutrients, Oct 7, 2017.


    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser


    for 1620 Gallons you would use less than a 21.7lb bag, which is $55.50
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member


    MadMel Well-Known Member

    Hey Mongo, this is a picture of a 2 week from seed Big Bud autoflower that I honestly tried to "shock" by using MC, too early, too soon, and at FULL strength. Look for my thread "big bud autoflower". You will see how she has come along. But as a spoiler, this is a picture from yesterday. .....

    And this is how my outdoor grow looked at a month old on my YouTube channel.

    Compare it yourself. Same soil composition, same grower, different strain, different nutrients ("super soil" then, MC now. )As far as I am concerned you can see a difference. The big bud autoflower's nodes are much shorter than my plants outside had. The only visible "damage" is one set of leaves from my attempt to "shock" it. It doesn't have the correct size/number of leaflets on one leaf. That's all. I was surprised.

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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    We have our first Instagram October contest winners :)


    Not everyone is on Rollitup, but you can see the photos from IG
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    Anyone can enter by just tagging photos with our name and #megacrop

    Also, our nutrients are certified for space growing as well!
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Awesome opossum.
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    kit10 Well-Known Member

    @GreenleafNutrients can I pick your brain please? I am going to do my next grow in coco but I've never used coco before so it's all new to me. I have bricks to rehydrate and the instructions are to set the ph to 5.5 after adding nutes, but above you say the final solution should be between 5.8 and 6.2. Which range should I aim for?

    If you have any advice about using MC in coco and perlite, I'm all ears.:D
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    5.5-6.2 is OK range
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    kit10 Well-Known Member

    Lully stuff! Thank you kindly. :grin:

    kit10 Well-Known Member

    My RQS Special Queen, I started her on MegaCrop 2 weeks ago, she was on biobizz before that. Almost into her 4th week of flower.
    Yes, you do see signs of N def but that's because I was being conservative with the nutes but she got a full dose of MC last night and upon lights on today, she is beaming!!!!

    Apologies for the wonky hps light effect, can't be helped unfortunately.

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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Medium bag please , I like where this is going
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    hi All

    I know we didn't do a November giveaway, I am still a little uncertain about the best path to go forward with promos and giveaways, however we just picked 5 names from the entry pool who haven't won yet, and will give away 2300g bag to each of them today.


    So, once again, this is for 2300g size Mega Crop, you can order from the website and we will PM you the coupon code.
    If you want a FREE SHIPPING product, PM us and we can send you a smaller order with shipping paid (international OK).
    Also, if you live INTERNATIONAL, we can upgrade you to 21.7lb bag free. PM us if you live international and want to swap to bigger size.

    gonnagro Well-Known Member

    Be prepared for fungus gnats. Just part of the coco/perlite experience.
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    cindysid Well-Known Member

    Yay! Can't believe I finally won something!

    kit10 Well-Known Member

    Oh joy! :-? I use this stuff for white flies and it does the business so hopefully it'll do the same in the coco/perlite.
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    1mrc Active Member

    Whoa! Thank you!!!
    I haven't won anything for a loooooong time.

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Congrats. I love mega-crop
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    Flagg420 Well-Known Member

    My lighting is not photo friendly in the grow room, but growing a side by side of the most identical clones I could have dreamed of...

    So far, the GLN plant has been slightly smaller looking. (looking.) Its actually about the same size, and the buds are nearly identical so far as well compared to the control plant. Control plant is more spread out, also seems slightly thinner branches.

    GLN plant began to go a bit pale late week 3 early 4...Upped the dosage. 650-700ppm currently. Plant is loving it.

    Roots were bone white even 3 weeks in, which is not something I am used to...

    1st gen clone of Dinafem Purple Orange CBD.

    GreenLeafNutrients Recommended dosage thru flower week 4, then higher.

    1st gen clone of Dinafem Purple Orange CBD.

    Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur A/B (grow/bloom respectively)
    AN Big bud

    Just for fun, I also have 3 heads of Parris Island Romaine lettuce in a hydro bucket using GLN only... (and orca, always the bennies) and they look... almost fake. Like so green n shiny n healthy looking you wanna double check if its real... kinda can't wait for them to finish.

    I will drop another update, and probably a separate thread with pics of final results in a couple of weeks, but wanted to let @GreenleafNutrients know I am indeed doing a side by side, and I am so far, damn impressed.

    LOVE the one bag solution. I still Ph at each bucket fill, but it uses a fraction of the Ph down as its competitor. If it finishes as well as its performed so far, I can see me buying a nice big back of this stuff.

    kingtitan Well-Known Member


    You can use the white balance (WB) setting on the camera/phone to take pics under HPS
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    thanks for the feedback Flagg! We are not realizing that it is a much more difficult task to get a feeding chart that fits everyone. Depending on light intensity, temperatures, strains and probably 5 other factors, a plant can use more or less than suggested dosage.

    I received yesterday and email from a customer who started noticing too much nitrogen and a bit of clawing with his plant from too high of a dose, yet here in your case the plants were too light and not getting enough!

    So I think we will have to modify the feeding chart somehow, to add in a paragraph that you need to watch your plants carefully the first time using, and adjust the feeding higher or lower based on the response. Its not quite as easy as just having a 1 size fits all feeding chart, but it should give better results to everyone no matter what their conditions or strains.
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