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Green Life seeds

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by captiankush, Oct 28, 2009.


    captiankush Well-Known Member

    Anyone in the US order from this seedbank before? If so, what/how was the experience? + rep and thanks in advance.


    nickbbad New Member

    I was just going to ask the same question. They have some things that I want and cant find anywhere else that sells to the US. They have Kish which I have been looking all over for. They also have a bunch of other stuff that I would be interested in like Fucking Incredible, Grape God, Grapefruit Diesel, KGB, and Grapefruit Kush. Any info on if they are reputable would be great < If I don't here any bad rep about them I will probably try a small order with them soon.

    captiankush Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI, I heard that the fucking incredible was fucking overrated, lol. I am interested in the sweet island skunk, I am down to my last 3 seeds and need to get some more but also want romulan X hashplant and a few others....plus, they over lots of regular seeds, femmed is great for smoke production but I am wanting some breeding stock.

    captiankush Well-Known Member

    damn...I am bumpin this

    02020 Active Member

    if u order keep us posted, Im also wonderin about this bank
    desert fox

    desert fox Well-Known Member

    I went though them for Romulan seeds cuz it was the only place I could find them at the time. All but one of the beans popped. I will say this, dont hold your breath waiting for seeds. It took somewhere in the ballpark of 6 weeks to get them to the US. Credit card was never charged untill they shipped them out which is kinda nice. Very stealth shipping...It took me a min to find out where they were lol....I was high at the time. I got mixed felling due to the slowness. There are far better seedbanks as far as speed goes. I would use them again if they carried something other seed bank don't stock such as the Romulan or tough to find canadian strains.

    tripstick Member

    Ordered three strains 3 months ago. Got a mail saying my order was sent and then nothing. I'm sure they have taken my money and the reviews on the other seed bank sites indicated they do poor business. BEWARE!!!

    chongsbuddy New Member

    its a scam bank stay away,many bad reports....do a google search before you give away your money!

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Definitely a scam seed bank. I ordered some seeds back in november to see if they were legit. I got an email early december saying they were sent and havent received anything! There are so many other seedbanks out there that are legit, green life are bot one of them!!

    punkenstien Well-Known Member

    they used to be very good, dont know what may have happened. I ordered a couple packs of BCSC NL#5 and never recieved them. I would defiinately stay away from them.

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