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GD Kush 2 weeks into flowering w/ pics

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by CourageToGrow, Nov 9, 2008.


    CourageToGrow Well-Known Member

    What you all think? My friend gave me the plant as a 2 week old and i've been growing it since. Its a cross Grand daddy purp and hindu kush (Grand Daddy Kush) or so he told me. If it looks like a different strain that you know let me know.

    Grown under 150w hps vegged for 6 weeks.

    Feedback Comments Advice and Good Jokes are all welcome.

    Peace and Love

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    Earlytoker Well-Known Member

    Looks good man, keep it up. :clap:

    CourageToGrow Well-Known Member

    Yea its just starting to smell nice and dank. Here are a few more pics.

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    bxke1414 Well-Known Member

    Looking good, a few of us started a 150w HPS club, I can't find the link right now but you should check it out.

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