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Game Wardens do not need warrants.

Discussion in 'Legal Edge' started by what... huh?, Aug 6, 2009.

    what... huh?

    what... huh? Active Member

    This is both political, and legal... so I am posting on the same topic in both places.

    Be aware that you have no rights of privacy in the world of Conservation Officers.

    It varies from state to state, and I am compiling a complete list of states in which Game Wardens can:

    "34. Examine, without a warrant as provided by law, any vehicle, creel, land or water conveyance, fish box, cooler, game bag or any other place where evidence of a crime may be hidden or transported whenever there is reason to believe that a violation of state law has been committed."

    They have the "right" to be on your private property, without warrant on suspicion of ANY crime. They have the right to inspect ANY container, regardless of it's location (for instance a freezer in your basement, whether or not that freezer exists).

    This is not conspiracy theory. This is fact.

    "Search with or without Warrant

    The laws in many U.S. states allow game wardens to conduct certain types of searches with or without search warrants. The law in Louisiana for instance states in part "...any commissioned wildlife agent may visit, inspect, and examine, with or without [a] search warrant, records, any cold storage plant, warehouse, boat, store, car, conveyance, automobile or other vehicle, airplane or other aircraft, basket or other receptacle, or any place of deposit for wild birds, wild quadrupeds, fish or other aquatic life or any parts thereof whenever there is probable cause to believe that a violation has occurred. Commissioned wildlife agents are authorized to visit or inspect at frequent intervals without the need of search warrants, records, cold storage plants, bait stands, warehouses, public restaurants, public and private markets, stores, and places where wild birds, game quadrupeds, fish, or other aquatic life or any parts therof may be kept and offered for sale, for the purpose of ascertaining whether any laws or regulations under the jurisdiction of the department have been violated...."[4] The laws in other states may grant more or less search and seizure authority. These exceptions granted to game wardens are still considered to fall within the constitutional limits of search and seizure as outlined in the U.S. Constitution."

    Game warden makes $600,000 bust

    Wildlife Officer Who Killed Hunter Won't Face Prosecution

    The States I have researched so far (and I will get to all 50) where Game Wardens (Conservation Officer is the new title they like) can conduct warrantless searches on any private property, OR ISSUE WARRANTS are as follows:

    Texas, yes Texas
    North Carolina

    They have the power and authority of State troopers typically, except for the fact that they are somehow still able to commit unlawful search and seizure.

    Please help me and look up your own states game wardens, and link me to their statutes so I can add to this list.

    dhhbomb Well-Known Member

    well thats sum bull shit but i wont let them in but if they came in i would put them under citizens arrest fuck that i dont care what title they have they need a warrent or they cannot search shit
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    hater hurter

    hater hurter Active Member

    still says they need probable cause, not that that has ever really stopped anyone though.

    "...any commissioned wildlife agent may visit, inspect, and examine, with or without [a] search warrant, records, any cold storage plant, warehouse, boat, store, car, conveyance, automobile or other vehicle, airplane or other aircraft, basket or other receptacle, or any place of deposit for wild birds, wild quadrupeds, fish or other aquatic life or any parts thereof whenever there is probable cause to believe that a violation has occurred.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    yeah man. title be damned.

    just because he doesn't need a warrant, won't he need a reason. so he can't just open a box for the sake of opening it, surely he'd have to have a damned compelliung argument, such as "i've just been watching a momma deer nuzzling a shed, i think her baby is stuck inside". well they can jsut bugger off. i'll kick em out and they can bring the cops to arrest me if they want, i don't EVER lie down to ilogical use of power etc
    Bud Frosty

    Bud Frosty Well-Known Member

    I was approached by a game warden in my own front yard because it was deer season and I wasn't wearing enough orange and was carrying a gun (Bushmaster Beuwolf conv). I told him I didn't care if it was deer season or not. I was just out walking on my property with a gun as the constitution allows (I have alot of acreage and it's out in the boonies. He spotted me from the road about 100yds away). He was a royal PRICK and threatened to cite me several times but didn't. I don't think he could. I told him if he wanted to pursue this, call the sherriff, I'll be waiting at the house. He left.

    What a F#ckin Asshole that guy was though. I'm very respectful to law enforcement, and was to him also, until he started running his mouth. He thought he was HOT SHIT.
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    29216 Member

    I had that happen to me in a vehicle 20 some years ago in a national park. He said i looked like a poacher. (did not even know what that was at the time) He took a case of beer and a bong bag with him. However i think they still only have jurisdiction in their area. I don't think they could show up at your house.
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    bud frosty, good move on that. so you gotta "by law" (that is game wardens 'oh please don't hurt my natures!' law) wear lots of orange if you've got a gun in deer country, while i can see it's fair enough if you're out in public huntiung land, wel, hunting, but if you're in your own private land, yeah, he can go screw himself. as far as i'm concerned, if an animal walks onto YOUR land, and the goverment was not actively trakcking that specific animal to get it to a propepr hom in the woods etc, then it's on your land, so shoooooot at it :P

    reminds me of super troopers, it's not your water, it's gods water, well what if a girl breaks her foot on my sand? she can sue me! sue me sue me sue me! :P

    Minnestoner New Member

    I was smoking in my ice house and this douche bag warden came a knockin, asked me if i could come out, so i did, been drinkin Yag also, and all he wanted to know was if the snowmobile was mine and why i didnt have it licensed, as he could see i was a bit ripe at that point and this dude is known to be a dick, he left me alone after telling me i had to get my snow mobile off the ice. Im sure i stunk to high heaven LOL
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Great post, I'm in Maine and I can tell you from first hand experience they can search without a warrant if they so choose to.
    Heres my little story/nightmare from about 10 years ago.

    I had 2 roommates in a 4 bedroom house, 1 of the roommates was an avid hunter (later to find out a poacher too)
    I had a small perpetual grow going in a cedar closet and a spare bedroom; both upstairs in the house.
    I got a call at work from a roommate "dude you need to come home NOW!!, our house is being raided."

    After giving all my cash to a friend at work and shitting my pants I took the 5 minute ride home, all the way thinking "oh man, this is gonna suck; how the fuck did this happen?"
    After getting home my roommate informed me that it was game wardens that had come to the house, they were investigating our other (dickhead) roommate.
    When they came they wanted to search our basement (all his butchering shit was down there)

    My roomate allowed them access to the basement on the condition that they didnt go upstairs and they were OK with it....they had done surveillance on the house for a week and knew his shit was in the basement. They also knew that I had some kind of an op. in the house saying "were here for "Jack" not your other roommate, what he does insnt our problem or concern." They had found the remains of a few males waaaay out back of our property.

    They searched the basement, my douchebag roomate got sacked; and they called the local DEA office and towns PD to inform them of my situation, they were nice though and gave me a 24 hour period before doing so. That night I cleaned out my Op. and was dumping soil in the woods when I got hit in the face with a Q Beam and almost blinded. They had followed me, thinking I was dumping deer carcasses.

    I talked with the 2 Wardens for a while, they were actually good guys. They warned me that they had notified the PD and DEA and I should be expecting a visit or alot of surveillance from one if not both.

    I walked away from my perpetual harvet of 6 plants a week, everything except the light got canned....the light went to a good friend. We moved that out inside of a dead refrigerator right in front of the local PD's surveillance.

    I then dealt with getting pulled over constantly for absolute bullshit type of stuff constantly, and surveillance on our pad for almost a year straight....they were so obvious that we would fuck with them by bringing the out a cup of coffee in the AM once in a while..Its easy to look back and laugh now, but I almost lost my freedom and I was too sketched out to grow for years, its been 10 years now and i just starting up again.
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    potpimp Sector 5 Moderator

    A game warden has more authority than any other "peace" officer. On the premise of checking the woods next to your house for your baiting deer, or the field next to your house for baiting doves, they can come and go on your property with impunity. They are outdoors all the time and know what to look for. Be very afraid of them.
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    Johnny Retro

    Johnny Retro Well-Known Member

    Sounds like their just looking for poachers and people with not enough orange on to keep them safe.
    They dont seem to care about weed from what i hear?
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    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Some do care some don't but they do have too many rights and we have far too few these days. ?Stake out your place for a year over little shit? Damn that is a lot of tax dollars wasted. Your friend must have poached alot.
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    Right on!!
    Like I posted they had been watching our place for a couple of days. There was a Pitbull, a Rotty, a Golden and an American Bulldog living in our place all that played within 10 yards of them on the day we got raided.
    Our dogs freaked whenever ANYONE came around the house, not a peep out of them when the wardens were hiding in the woods right next to them.

    They are slick.

    mattisreal420 Well-Known Member

    all i can say is last year the game warden`s here (in maine), busted about a dozen people in a small town around here. They just diden`t stumble apon the grows, they went out looking for them. Maybe got a tip about people growing in the forest, not sure.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    Now we will see DEA and local law enforcement traveling around with a "token" game warden so they no longer need a warrant to enter anyones home or trample anyones rights.
    A chicken was killed near your home and I see you like kentucky fried chicken because I looked in your trash...

    what... huh?

    what... huh? Active Member

    To address a lot of posts...

    Probable Cause:

    That is Louisiana's. They vary from state to state. In my state, it is specifically addressed WITHOUT warrant or probable cause.

    Power and Jurisdiction:

    They have all of the authority and jurisdiction of a state police officer, with or without warrant.

    LawDawg37 New Member

    Well to he exact your info is false. A Game Wardern can only search TEMPORARY RESIDENTS ON PUBLIC LANDS OR PUBLIC ROADWAYS. These being tents, cabins, travel trailers. They also cannot search "Just because". They must suspect you of illegal activites. Here are a few links.

    Last link is a link of exactly what a game warden can and cannot do. Texas Game Wardens will tell you exactly same. They give occasional seminars at the place we do CHL/hunting firearm safety courses. There is a old wife's tale they can do what they want but their has been lawsuits against them for agents trying to do so. IF they have probable cause after looking outside your home, they can go in BUT allegedly, they must ignore all other illicit stuff inside. DO NOT TEST THIS EITHER WAY! The constitution and Bill of rights protects us from any illegal search and seizure as well as any agencies who may attempt these sketchy procedures. You can call your local fish and game department, tell them you are doing a report at school and they will give you tons of info about anything you want, at least here in Texas.

    Remember, no one hides a deer under their bed, or in their closet, dressers etc BUT your freezer is fair game. My fridge sits on my front porch and my freezer on my back, just for this reason. Granted I obey the law, I still don't want them snooping in my nightstand. That's where the lube and pornos are lol.

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Michigan's D.N.R officers and conservation officers are power trippers. Same deal, in fact when I was 16 they took my beer and smoke and let me go on my way.. When I suggested dumping the beer they got pist and told me to get to stepping unless I want a ride..
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i live in the woods. they came by my place once. after i made it clear to them that the next time i saw anyone trespassing on my clearly posted property, i would shoot them, they haven't been back....

    of course the fact that 90% of the property is vertical and the other 10% is covered in briars might have something to do with it
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    gg2 Well-Known Member

    If you own your property put up a sign that says'' KEEP OUT AND ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK'' This works IF you have a LOCK on your entrance to your property in Florida!! no one has that much authority unless you are on PUBLIC PROPERTY OR ON STATE OWN LAND!!:hump:

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