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Fuzzy Seedlings!?! Help please

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MasterNuggets, Sep 5, 2008.


    MasterNuggets Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, this is my first serious attempt at growing so I'm a noob, gotta bear with me. So I've germinated my seeds which I've done before succsefully using the method where I take damp paper towels and put them in between 2 plates with the seeds in the middle.. Everything was going fine and I checked on them yesterday and small growth had started but I figured I should wait another day.

    So I checked on them today and I think A. they may be to long to plant
    and B. There is fuzzy white stuff on them!! I don't know what to do because I don't know what it is. My possible theory is that because there was no circulating oxogen the area got damp and may have already been contaminated and the spouts are ideal for fungus.. Any other opinions from people more experianced than me??
    Big P

    Big P Well-Known Member

    prolly mold or fungas, anyway just plant them and see what happens got nothin to lose right?

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    mold or fungus. Can you gently wipe the fungus off?

    I sprout in a glass of water. Works better for me than the papertowel method.

    MasterNuggets Well-Known Member

    I was reading up on how to plant them and it specificially said not to touch the sprouts so I didn't really think it was a good idea at the time.. I planted them in hopes that the plant would fight off the bacteria like animals would when they get sick or somthing.. Dunno if they do grow they'll prob have really stunted/delayed growth

    misshestermoffitt New Member

    I'm sorry my brain missed that part about they had sprouted. No don't try to wipe them off if sprouted. You did the right thing.

    Sorry, kinda high here...... :oops:

    joetbay Active Member

    i germinate in paper towel as well

    dont worry about it, its normal. was the seedling like 1" long when you took it out of the paper towel? once they get big enough they will start to root in the towel. simply put, the white fuzz is more roots developing off the main root

    MasterNuggets Well-Known Member

    Oh shit man thanks thats such a big reliefe.. yeah they were about 3/4 of an inch to a full inch.. I thought about that but the idea passed through and figured the worst.. thanks again.

    well I'm here though one other quick question.. Where can I get a very small fan like 3-5" wide?? Because my operation dosn't have room for a full size fan I figure I can stack 3 or 4 5inchers on top of another and give it equal power, thanks.

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