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Fuck Floyd Mayweather

Discussion in 'Stonable Quotables' started by NevaSmokedOut, May 2, 2010.


    NevaSmokedOut Well-Known Member

    a lot of people who read the title will probably be saying "mayweather is awesome layoff dickhead" or "no can stop pretty boy floyd", well let set the record straight that i don't like his ass (especially after last night's fight). i hate cocky an flashy ass fighters an floyd in no exception. i'm just waiting for him to get knocked out for talking so much about he is the 'face' of boxing; it's only a matter of time.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    floyds a pussy..he didnt wanna fight pacquiao(however the fuck that guys name) now the fucker is running for congress in his country and probably wont fight anymore..FUCK MAYWEATHER!

    SunnyD Well-Known Member

    hahaha.... u guys are def haters... He talks alot, but so did Ali. Floyd backs up his talk, he trains like no other.... if u had a 100 million dollars what would u spend it on.. keep it all in the bank..I doubt spending 2-5 million on toys would affect ur 50 million/ year salary...
    Sittin On A Cloud

    Sittin On A Cloud Well-Known Member

    It would be hard to not be cocky when you know your the best. Just look at his record, or his medals, hell look at his bank account. Nuff said.

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    he's not the best..that pussy didnt wanna fight pacquiao. he started whining about some steroid bs. fuck floyd. I see him here in vegas all the time, and he is a piece of shit..always plays the race card too..i fuckin hate him.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    bet you cant beat him :).. its Floyd "Money" Mayweather now, BTW.

    metaltooths Well-Known Member

    wasn't he gonna fight pacquiao, then backed out?

    one11 Active Member

    floyd is just playin the game. you see he gets the people to flock to PPV to watch his fights. you either hate him or love him. and most people pay to see his fights to see his ass get KNOCKED OUT. but yet it goes right to his fat wallet. LOL. like i said. playin the game...he's a hustla, and a damn good boxer. I honestly was going for mosley in the last fight, and that 1st round when mayweather stumbled got me so excited. but I'm especially looking forward to mayweather vs. pacman. there's just no fight i'd rather see. there's more to boxing than just in the ring and thats the press. the press is what the people here about and floyd knows that and ali knew that. its just a game. life itself is just a game really..

    njfinestkush Active Member

    my dude u know how much mosley got paid to fight yesterday 2 mill u know how much money mayweather got paid??? 60 million enuff said!!! flloyd does talk hella shyt but he also backs his shyt up!!! and paq and may didnt fight cause the money wasent right n sum other shyt with paq!!!!

    SmokeyMcSmokester Well-Known Member

    floyd wont fight pac because he will get his ass kicked.
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    one11 Active Member

    floyds not scared of pac. if any of you were boxers, or were boxers, you would understand this. but great boxers do not fear one another. boxing has had big problems with steroids/loaded gloves in the past and there's been catastrophic results (deaths, comas). the olympic steroid testing tests the person randomly throughout training through piss, blood, and hair I believe. Pacman does not believe in giving away his blood because he believes it weakens him. that is his belief. hopefully they compromise and work this out, but on the other hand...it could all be a suspense builder, holding off the fight as long as possible until the fans are practically clawing at the door. and then BOOM the fight of the century. the next thrilla n manilla. ya feel me? that's whats going down. neither one is scared of neither one.
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    westhamm1132 Active Member

    boxing is so lame and dead out its all about the UFC+fedor im not gunna watch that fight beacuse i already no what will happen they both want to win so bad they will just dance round the ring occashionaly leaning on eatch other after jabin eatch other a few times
    and pacman will win after a long boreing 12 rounds on points beacuse hes faster there you go i just saved you your time and money no need to thank me.

    one11 Active Member

    well you obviously havent done either boxing or ufc. your one of those people who watch fights just to see blood and doesnt really understand the science of it all. your ignorant and stupid.

    sm0keyrich510 Active Member

    yea floyd is flashy and it wears on my nerves a bit but overall hes the best right now and you really cant argue otherwise...yeah i think he's selected his opponents a bit to suite his needs (in terms of legacy) by fighting guys with big names who are slightly or completely over the hill (ie. JMM, sugar shane, de la hoya, etc) see my point?

    i've always made the point clear that cotto or pacman would be more suitable opponents for floyd. i think someone like cotto/pacman could really pose a threat to floyd. they are complete packages...they arent going to simply try and slug it out with floyd...they are going to try and box him and thats how you're going to have to beat floyd is out think him.

    floyd is in such good shape that brawlers who try to just come forward and draw him into a brawl will just get tagged and be swinging at air all night as floyd dances around them.

    cotto is a good boxer with brawling capabilities. pacman is also a very good fighter. i think those two would make for more competitive fights for floyd...i think if he took a fight with either he has a much more legit chance of losing than against older fighters (like shane) no matter how great they are...and shane is great...i think prime for prime it would have been much closer on saturday...split decision style close.

    westhamm1132 Active Member

    haha man done boxing on and off for 2 years and kickboxing for 7 and have had more than my fair share of fights not that has anything to do with it i understand the science of fighting more than most people but why the fuk would i want to pay to watch a fight for the science of it?

    i dont watch the fights to see blood i just want to see a good fight and very few boxing matches these days are worth watchin you obviously dont have a fukin clue what your on about you assumed i like seeing blood beacuse of fedor so that comment makes you a idiot and a fool.

    sambo020482 Well-Known Member

    couldnt agree more m8.

    johnny961 Well-Known Member

    Smokey is right mayweather is scared of the pac man.

    johnny961 Well-Known Member

    Mayweather would outbox the pac man but pac would knock him out in the later rounds of the fight.

    jcdws602 Well-Known Member

    Mayweather is an ass but he is good and chosen his fights wisely.......shane had him shook.....but mosley lacked conditioning to finish him off fast in the second round I think it was...too bad.........I think it's all a build up and eventually pacman and mayweather will fight.....and I am on pacman's side......mayweather needs his ass whopped...... and who told him he was pretty......... maybe someone told him otherwise so he changed his name to "money".....lol

    iblazethatkush Well-Known Member


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