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Free Chat Room/ Very Easy Set Up!

Discussion in 'Make Your Requests' started by Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana, Dec 6, 2006.

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    For every problem there is a solution and boy do I have one 4 you guys!

    So we all want a chat room, but you don't want to use your server space.
    This is a must check out for you owners of RollItUp.

    1. Never use your space.
    2. It's 100% free.
    3. Add a few lines of code to a web page.
    4. It's 100% FREE!!
    5. Simple to set up, and simple to use.

    Go here 1st to see a live working version. Just create a user name and click on go. No password needed.

    Chat Room Log-In

    Then go here and get your 100% free chat room!

    IMchat free chat for webmasters with admin - Create teen chat adult chat any type of chat forum you want.

    It's 100% FREE!


    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member


    I am building a secure chat room that will protect our users ip address etc... that is the reason it is taking so long :) it should be up here fairly shortly.

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    I tell all my friends this is a kick ass site, but will they listen? No! Your Rock Roll!

    FallenHero Guest

    much thanks for making it a safer place.

    IPokeSmot Well-Known Member

    ahhh. youre awesome:hump:

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