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First Grow Ever DWC

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by zippx, May 7, 2013.


    zippx Member

    2x Nirvana NL Autos.
    400w HPS Seed to now
    Veg: 3 weeks
    Flower: began 60+/- days ago
    DWC 5ga. Rockwool germ into hydroton, Airstones in DWC
    Water temps: 65-71 whole grow
    Air: 65-78
    Nutes: GH F,M,B
    PPM currently 500+/-
    PH: kept at 6.0 diligently
    Tap water PPM: 80

    First timer here. I'm on about day 85 from seed. Went DWC, lost 1 of 3 during seedling stage. Plant 1 has been well ahead of plant2 since the beginning. Plant 1 has also exhibited more leaf trouble than plant 2 - having begun yellowing and brown-spotting, and curling quite awhile ago. Over a month. I figured it was nute burn or light burn and backed off both, raising light, lowering nutes.... I've never had nutes above 1000ppm and they're currently at about 500. Both of them. Largely Bloom nutrient and cal-mag. Plant1 has never really recovered. In spite of that fact, it has raced to maturity much faster than my lush, never-yellow plant2. Neither plant has ever shown a real appetite for nutes... nutes either the same or UP, to which i have generally responded with adding tap water. DWC changed every 7-9 days.

    I realize it's late in the grow, but any insight on where I am currently and why plant2 is taking so long. Also, thoughts on plant1 harvest time? Trichomes under 30x - i see lots of clear some cloudy and some amber. So I don't know exactly where i am!

    IMG_3986.jpg IMG_3988.jpg IMG_3990.jpg IMG_3991.jpg IMG_3992.jpg IMG_3993.jpg IMG_3994.jpg

    obviously the girl on the left in the larger view is plant1. plant2 does not seem to have a main cola, just lots of equally sized ones. and PIC 2 illustrates how far behind plant2 really is. lower cola, very long but paper thin. Yellowing of plant2 started about a week ago after reducing nutes to 4-500. Again, day 85 from seed. Thanks for looking!

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