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First Florida Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by Crusso, Feb 19, 2008.


    Crusso Active Member

    Hey guys, i recently just registered to the site but ive been reading lots. I have grown before, not so much but i understand the basics. I hope to harvest a decent load :hump:

    I live in South Florida and im planning to grow some monsters.(really just hoping to actually make it to harvest:peace: )

    I have 4 Feminized Himalaya Gold :mrgreen: Green House Seeds germinated and sprouting in small pots outdoors as of now.

    Also some bagseed germinating that i hope to get some females out of.

    They will soon (in a month or so)be moved to their final location where i will leave them till they flower.

    i plan to have at least 5 female plants in this area growing for 7 months.
    (mid feb - august/september)

    This area gets lots of direct sunlight every day (meaning LOTS of water needed).

    I plan to grow each plant in a 5 gallon pot filled with Miracle Gro Soil.

    I have ordered Advaned Nutrients Micro Grow and Bloom 4 Liter package, and maybe ill buy Overdrive later. i really have no idea how to use them but ill go with my instinct.

    i have a bottle of Soil Moist Crystals that i will also add to the soil to keep it moist.

    Now the soil already comes with some sort of nutrients so i wont be adding any AN for at least 2 months.

    I plan to visit the plants once every weekend for feeding.

    I have a 50 Gallon Container filled with Tap Water from a outdoor faucet. will that be enough?

    I dont have a ppm or PH meter...

    I myself have a few dumb questions that i could probably figure out, but im still going to ask. later on

    Questions, Comments or Thoughts? All feedback is appreciated.

    korvette1977 Well-Known Member

    um ahhh well... yea ,,well umm... ahhh cool

    Crusso Active Member

    Does anyone think its to early for sprouting outdoors? could anybody explain to me the daylight hours/changes in south florida?

    There has been a couple of random cold nights.....but it is still nice and warm during the day thanks to the hot florida sun. They have been out no more than 2 days, i litterly just started this grow....hopefully all 4 germinated females will sprout up their 2 inches with the leaf ontop and fill me with supreme happiness :)

    i guess in the future ill update with pics and info if i get some help from the experienced ones on the forum..

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    I was just in Miami for 10 days and its plenty warm in southern Florida to have plants already in the ground as it never got below 74 there..ps I hated it there so I have now been to 12 florida destinations and officially hate that state lol anywaysif your growing outside you will need to either haul water with you or dig a catch hole with plastic in it to catch rain water so its close.

    Crusso Active Member

    I dont think water is really a problem its just a matter of filling the 55 gallon containers from a nearby faucet with a hose.

    I am honestly expecting plants way over 8ft... how big would the root system get? would a 5gal pot contain it without obstructing the roots path? Or should i just dig REALLY big holes and dump soil into them...and plant there?

    HELP GUYS!! lol

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    ahh so your pot growing outside and not growing in the soil guerilla style.Use as big of pots as you can get 20 gallons are nice but look at fdd grows he does all outside some in pots some in the ground.Hes a real good person to learn outdoor growing from.Hes real simple with it and grows monster trees in his yard in cali

    SensiSmoker134 Active Member

    Spend the money, get good soil for sure. Keep the soil in the pots, but make sure you have good drainage holes, even if you decide to dig a hole for it in the ground. 20 gallons are great and not too crazy big. also, go out and buy yourself a 10$ ph meter, it's worth the money, but it will be kind of hard to fill up your pots with water if your hose water's ph is off. good luck and post some pics!

    Crusso Active Member

    I will be growing with miracle grow soil...no changing....

    i wont be getting any meters...

    but i will be growing with Advanced Nutrients Micro Grow Bloom which i dont understand fully. If anybody could help me with how to prepare the nutes, how much of it,how often, and in which months.

    I guess i am taking a risk by not checking the ph,ppm, or temperature of the resources, but i have grown before with the same soil type and water and the plants grew. Thats enough for me. Only difference this time is they will be on AN, they will be outdoors much longer and receive WAY more direct sunlight per day.

    some help with nute solutions, and when to add each part for optimum growth and flower would be greatly appreciated

    Brandon78125 Well-Known Member

    Hey man, yeah Miracle Grow is not the best soil to grow with, i have only grown once before but when i did, I used Miracle Grow. The weed did not taste so good nor did it bud very well. Anyway, I live in South Florida too, i was curious to know what part of south Florida you live in. I'm on the west side in a town called Bonita.

    FaTSacK Well-Known Member

    i have always heard from older growers in my town to never use miracle grow.
    but maybe they jus retarded never know

    Crusso Active Member

    OKAY!!! update!!......its been a really long while (seems like it anyways) since ive posted on rollitup...

    anyways, i now have 4 plants all in pots in an outdoor area getting tons of light

    1 is in full veg
    2 are still flowering
    1 is reverting back to veg from flower


    Crusso Active Member

    close up of the one in full veg

    Close up of some of the flowering plants...(really small plants with buds all over them)

    close up of the flowering plant that i think is reverting back to veg

    and another shot of them all together...

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member

    very cool man, nice looking plants. wonder what will happen to the one that flowered already

    Crusso Active Member

    i really dont know whats going on with them..... im kinda just letting them do their thing...does anybody think they will revert? or should i harvest the bud-packed babies lol even though they are really small plants....

    doctorRobert Well-Known Member

    I think you should keep it out there just for the heck of it, just treat them regularly

    Crusso Active Member

    can anybody confirm if any are revegging?

    im also taking clones of the one in full veg... and attempting to root them outdoors

    bigkingkong084 Active Member

    meh just leave um out there.. all of them look really healthy... cant wait to see how this one ends up ... im here till the end. good luck

    Crusso Active Member

    in my opinion i dont think the two small flowering plants will revert.....they seem to be growing new hairs at the top.....

    i want these females to get tall and bushy...

    [email protected] New Member

    i have never tried to root clones outside before, good luck it doesn't sound easy. Maybe a good time to try your hand at "air layering" Not that i have ever tried that either but it seems like it would be easier outside then traditional cloning.

    Good Luck
    [email protected]

    Crusso Active Member

    should i snip off the bud sites on the plants to try to get them back into veg??

    they could be booming right now like the tall one =[.......i planted those wayy to early outdoors...... but the plan was to reveg them!!

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