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Female with a few seeds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by menace1332, May 27, 2010.


    menace1332 Member

    Hmmm I just noticed my Female has a few seeds around the lower part of the buds, is that a good thing.. should i be worried? I plucked one off just to make sure it was what i thought.. and it was a almost ripe too, I know for sure my plant didn't get pollinated with any males cause i haven't had any. Im still new to growin.. bein only my second time , but my 2 babies are turnin out 10x better then the last one..

    Dirtfree Well-Known Member

    Look for bananas on your buds.

    GoldenGanja13 Well-Known Member

    She is just about ready to harvest and wants to make sure her race survives. It happens. You won't get many seeds but do leave them until harvest then set them in sun for a few days (not direct) and allow them to dry. Then in moisture proof jar, light proof and in fridge. There you go Feminized seeds. WOOT

    menace1332 Member

    Hmmm Really Feminized seeds? that would be sweet, and no its deff not hermaph.. no bananas lol.

    TrynaGroSumShyt Well-Known Member

    save the seeds, they will be fem.. or herm, but most likely fem since it took so long for her to herm in the first place

    menace1332 Member

    fuckin awsome good to know... its at least 7 weeks into flowering give or take a few days, I just noticed them this morning
    L Cap

    L Cap Active Member

    so how did seeds start to produce if there not hermied or pollinated? is this justa rare occurence?

    menace1332 Member

    My thoughts to bro.. i was suprised

    gbizzz Member

    I ordered some seeds from moc. Zensation. 4 out if 5 turned out to be herm. The temp only goes highest to 90 but stays at around 75 to 85. Is this bad. I heard some strains have a tendency to turn but it is a new strain. I also got big bud and now wondere is it my set up or the seeds. I'm posting a pic. Can someone tell me if this plant looks male or female.

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