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Fem Seeds or reg seed or auto seed which is better

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by simdadon, Apr 15, 2012.

    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    No, they may not be bad so to speak, they'll get you high, but in comparison to the real genetics that can be bought, they are a joke.

    dirtycows Active Member

    ty for saying what has been said.. but i never said i use auto seeds, and seriously some people depending on where they live can use auto seeds OUT DOOR with no problem. and i wouldn't recommend them for indoor. (just giving info bro!)
    As far as the quality .. it depends on the way your growing them.. fertilizers, soils, and temps, and what plant it is.. SLH will have a higher thc content than Skunk or Church for example.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    not sure what your experience with auto's are (if any) but i just harvested my first autoflower (Auto hobbit, freebie from attitude) and it took alot longer than 65 days, grew crazy big, tons of trichomes and a great tatse and high and it isnt even fully cured yet. I have seen lots of others on here grow out amazing autoflowering plants with great yeilds and results. they used tgo be watered down but now each generation takes on more and more photoperiod genetics and they wheen out the ruderelis genetics so that the only genetics from the ruderelis (auto) that stick around is the ability to flower whatever the photoperiod is.

    these pics are from 1 week before harvest, i actually harvested the plant about 2 weeks early due to space issues and would have filled out much much more. I walked away with 2 Oz dry and this shit was super sticky, great smelling bud and it tastes awesome and gets me high as fuck

    IMG_1563.jpg IMG_1564.jpg IMG_1565.jpg IMG_1566.jpg IMG_1567.jpg

    ThegrowerMOJO Well-Known Member

    day 60 here dj short auto ak spent most it's life under a 90 watt led don't knock shit till you try it but this was an experiment for friend that lives in northern canada wanted to see if it was worth trying to get a decent crop in outdoors. IMAG0258.jpg

    dirtycows Active Member


    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    Auto seeds(fem or reg), Feminized seeds and regular seeds all are usefull for one reason or another. It all depends on your situation. autoflowering seeds are great for a mid season outdoor harvest or to go into veg room. if your using 1 cab/tent/closet for flowering and vegging autos arent really ideal as they do best with 18-20 hours of light so bringing them down to 12/12 when your photo's are ready to be flipped is not ideal.

    growing reg seeds is good if you have plenty of room, no restrictions on how many plants you can have and if your interested in crossing or breeding. if you can provide for reg seeds and they higher chance of males then they are great as you can let them pollinate (obviously in a controlled situation, dont want major seedy crops) and provide yourself with a lifetime of seeds.

    feminized beans are great for those who grow with limited space and restrictions. they eliminate the possibilty of having to rip plants up wasting valuable time, space and resources.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    it grew to 1 foot in first 4 weeks, then in a 1 week span it went from 14 inches to 36-38 inches, talk about stretch, i had to tie it over so it would fit in my tent, ended up with about 10-12 colas.

    vilify Well-Known Member


    Its not a grudge match between types of seeds. There are options for everyone here.
    Fuck what everyone else is doing, fuck what people tell you to do. Do what you want, do something different.
    Innovate for once. Pussies. :-P

    Happy Growing!

    dirtycows Active Member

    sweet :) +rep
    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    i agree there are options for all situations.

    oh i thought it was the battle of the seeds cause the title of the thread is

    Fem Seeds or reg seed or auto seed which is better

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    from the vew point of i have a lot of time to grow and want good genetics the order goes like this'(legal grower, home owner, average renter with very stable living conditions)
    1 reg seeds
    2 fem seeds
    3 autoseeds

    from the view point of someone who doesnt want to invest too much and grow too many plants(average renter with stable living conditions and discretion)
    1 fem
    2 reg seeds
    3 auto seed

    from the view point who doesn't have much time and can grow very few plants discretely(broke renter, with unstable living conditions)
    1 auto seeds
    2 fem seeds
    3 reg seeds
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    missnu Well-Known Member

    it is totally up to you, but if you are going to get autoflowers then get a pack of reg seeds, that way you can seed a plant every so often and never run out of seeds, but with the photos I can go either way. All my fem seeds from different companies have all done me well...

    My first 2 years of growing it was all clones and plants that started with my very first fem seed...awful strain for a beginner...I am just now getting passable at growing her and I still mess her up from time to time...lol. Anyway I have gained strains since then, and most of them were from few seeds...when I get tired of a strain and want to take it out of rotation I just make some fem seeds from one of those plants...and then I can shelf the seeds and still be able to have that strain again later if I so wish..I was running into an issue there for a bit just because I was running out of room...
    DQ Blizzard

    DQ Blizzard Active Member

    Perfect breakdown.... I rent, stable conditions and legal and I'm in that 30 - 35 range but been in it for 12 years. I refuse to go FEM, however if Paradise doesn't put out some regs of Sensi Star soon I may have to go fem for that strain only!!!


    vilify Well-Known Member

    I prefer regular for the range of phenotype, and potential males for breeding or BX'ing

    Fems do make it onto my keeper list, but they have to earn it. Will stress them a bit to check for stability.
    Generally come from freebies that prove themselves after 1 run.

    Did recently order a Fem 10 Pack because I liked what I saw, lost it, and wanted to give it a real run through.

    Not really a fan of auto's but im currently running 2 as they were free. No harm in running through a free auto once.

    RetiredMatthebrute Well-Known Member

    well said man, I would definatly grow the Auto Hobbit again, im actually trying to stress a cutting off my auto to herm and give me some seeds.

    I started my auto with my photo plants, gave them 18/6 for as long as i could (around 7-8 weeks) and then flipped to 12/12 and finished the auto under a "not ideal" lighting schedule. I think the shorter daylight hours prevented my auto from flourishing to its max potential but it still was a hell of a plant to grow and great smoke afterwards,

    if i had a choice between a 5 pack of auto(fem), Auto(reg), photo(fem), photo(reg) i would choose photo(fem) just because you can grow all 5 seeds out and pick a good mother and continue the strain forever. you can do the same with photo(reg) seeds but the chances of getting a keeper female are slim, so you will have to breed and repeat the process untill you find that perfect woman. auto seeds if you plan on growing alot of them you should go auto(reg) so you can breed your best male/female and end up with lots and lots of good seeds. auto(fems) come in great as freebies when your just going to grow it because you can and photo plants are your main priority.

    there are just too many scenarios out there to tell someone which is best for him. but to say that one is "better" than the other is all a matter of peoples personal opinions and grow styles.

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