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Fan leaves drying up and falling off, Barneys Farms LSD....pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by stlmatt, Nov 9, 2010.


    stlmatt Active Member

    garden 063.jpg garden 065.jpg garden 064.jpg

    OK, Not sure I have a issue or not, but wanted some imput. These are my Barneys Farm LSD. I vegged 5 weeks and they are now in Flower for 2 weeks.
    Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, 3 Gallon Pots
    Ph has been steady at 6.8-7.0
    Nutes = Fox Farms Grow Big, Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom and Bat Guano
    Temps = 72-78 and RH has been 37%-40%
    400W MH for Veg, 400W HPS for flowering

    In the last few weeks I have had some issues with the older fan leaves drying up, and falling off. When they do come off they its the leaf and the stem, I am not pulling on them, I just touch them and thier off. The rest of the plant looks great, all new growth is fine looking. Buds are now forming nicely and plants are still steaching some. These plants were very bushy untill I started to flower. I have used the Fox Farms feeding schedule and have flushed a few times. I also have a soil test kit so I can check my N, P, K.........I was low on N and P but I think I have that issue taken care of, but the leaves are still comming off. Some the the smaller fan leaves dont even get yellow before they come off. All of the leaves that are comming off are older ones, located under the canopy........Anyone have any thoughts of whats going on.

    FYI the plant in the lower left is a bag seed?????......all the other ones are LSD

    thanks: Stlmatt

    Hillcrest Active Member

    LSD is VERY VERY susceptible to HI EC but this is normally only in the veg state.
    Gotta ask how you went about sorting the N and P issue ????? as LSD to be low on anything unless a lockout occurred is odd... did you simply correct imbalance or did you flush first ?
    LT1RX7 Drifter

    LT1RX7 Drifter Active Member

    nute burn and ec build up, flush that bitch with phed water @ 6.0 all the time, even your nutes need to be phed to 6.0 after mixing, oh and you are way cramped spread the plants out

    stlmatt Active Member

    I did a soil test, then I flushed and did a good feeding with grow big, tiger bloom and bat guano. I rechecked the soil the the N and P was within the acceptable range. The K was high, but I left it be.

    These things grew at such a rapid pace I couldnt belive it, I wanted to Veg for six week, but cut is short a week as I was running out of room. I know they are cramped, but I just could bring myself to get rid of one of them..........they are as spread out as they can get. I do turn them everyday ( 1/4 turn) and I have pleanty of air movement.

    I have flushed them twice in the past month, useing Sledghammer Flushing......but I did not PH the water.

    They are in a Glowlab GL80 tent (31" x 31" x 72")

    I have been useing well water that has a PH for 7.5-8.0, but my soil always has a PH of 6.8-7.0

    What can I expect if I cant seem to get the issue under control????
    Snow Crash

    Snow Crash Well-Known Member

    I've been seeing damage like this for a long time. There's always one similarity from one grow to another.

    Fox Farms Tiger Bloom.

    I dunno what it is about this stuff. Maybe it's the chelators. Maybe it's all the random ass micro's it contains. I dunno...

    What I suggest is you cut out the Tiger Bloom Completely! The grow big and the big bloom have everything you need anyway.

    Sounds like you're doing it right. In my opinion it has got to be the Tiger Bloom. I have 3/4 of a bottle of the shit sitting on my shelf and I'll probably never use it again. So many people on the Fox Farms nut sack are going to come in and be like:
    "Meh, Tiger Bloom is the best product on the market and I've never used anything else but you should probably use twice as much of the Fox Farms because it's what plants want."
    ->Fox Farmskiss-ass<- Noobs

    Don't buy into the hype. Hundreds of sick plants around this place all grown on Fox Farms. Just take a look around.

    How many sick plants are we seeing on Canna? Or Humboldt Nutrients? Go searching for them. You'll see a trend pop up in a hurry. Lots of sick plants grown on a diet of Fox Farms, and a lot of gorgeous plants grown without it.

    Now, if you have the technique down, then go ahead and Fox Farm your life away. I don't care if you do think it's the best on the market. I got off FF the moment I found Canna Coco, everyone else that has tried Coco will say the same thing.

    BioCanna BioTerra = Roots Organic Soilless > Fox Farms Ocean Forest. They just cannot keep up with the demand these days. Might have been good stuff 5 years ago, but the quality has CLEARLY taken a turn for the worse, and I think it's because they can't make their soil mix the way they used to and still provide enough soil to match the demand. Their nutrients is a whole 'nother ball of yarn... not bad stuff really, just the Tiger Bloom seems detrimental to flowering plants. Probably better in the vegetable garden.

    RawBudzski Well-Known Member

    the tips of my 5week babies are all yellowing..l like its a even burn., but their going strong. I also use tiger bloom ^^.

    Hillcrest Active Member

    Once flushing you DON'T give a GOOD feed, you give a weak feed or your back to square one.
    You flush to remove any excess build up of salt and then use a weak feed so the EC in medium is LESS than that of the EC within the plant itself... this help balance out any lockouts ot over fertilization. Feeding with the same strenght nute as normal straight after a flush generally won't cure anything.
    LSD I have found will always show some sigh of being annoyed by nutes whatever you do, but I have not experience issues anywhere near to the degree you are, ad always sort themsleves BEFORE flowering.

    highrizer420 Member

    check and make sure that your plants are not root bound. i noticed that my plants are doing the same it seems to just be the mature leaves that wilt and die off you might have to try and transplant or just bite the bullet this time and learn how big they can get in your pots

    stlmatt Active Member

    thanks I will try flushing again and lower the feedings, I think I could have a root issue as I can see roots comming out the drainage holes in the bottom.......the roots look health but I can tell they are packed in there when i stick my finger in the soil to check dryness. Like I said all the newer growth looks great, its the old large leaves that are comming off. I also dont think its the TigerBloom because the issue started before I ever gave them the Tiger........I bought the Tiger thinking it would help, so much for that.

    thanks for all the replys, stlmatt

    Anastasius Member

    What is the quality of the water? Tap? Filtered? Well? RO? If tap what do you know about your local water source and the condition of the pipes its coming out of?

    stlmatt Active Member

    I have been useing well water, that is unfiltered from my outside faucets, as my inside faucets all have softened water.....and i read thats bad. I know for my next grow i am going to install a RO system, as I do think part of the issue maybe my water.......the wierd thing is I gave them softened water that had been though one of those Brita filters and they seemed to love it, then I read NO softened water so i STOPPED. If you look at my journal you will see just how healthy these plants were at the beginning, using only softened, filterd water.......dont get me wrong its not like they are dieing, but i am looking for perfection:)


    Anastasius Member

    Softened water means its been treated with salt. A brita filter is a carbon filter. I have the same issue as you and in the area i live our water is very hard and i have rust issues with the plumbing. I swiched to distilled water from the local grocery and did a good 2 gallon per plant flush and over the next few days my new growth was much healthier looking and the growth rated increased considerably. I am no expert mind you just a hobbiest but when I saw your pictures it looked almost exactly like the damage I have been dealing with.

    Have you had your well water tested?

    stlmatt Active Member

    OK, So last night i decided to do some test. First I watered the plants until the drip pan they sit in was full (about 1/2 gallon) I then tested the drainage water with my water test strips. I noticted that both Nitrate levela were border unsafe, (NO+3) 60 ppm (NO-2) 3.0ppm, Harness was 150 ppm , Alkalinity was perfect and ph was right on too. This was the first time I ever checked the run off water. I dont know what i was thinking, I will check more offten now. So I decided that I would do another soil test, WOW everything was off the charts......not sure how it happened as I tested it about 10 days before. I also noticed that the run off water was kind of thick:(. I cam to the conclusion they need a flush. I ran 6 gallons of water through each plant.........I know I said I flushed before, but last time i just used a hose to run alittle water out the bottom, This time I see I never used enough water last time.............it took awhile to get them all flushed but I am hoping this helps the issue; by the end of the flush the water was really flowing out the drainage holes and was as clear as can be. I am going to give it a few days, restest the soil and adjust my feedings. Thanksfor all the advice i hope i have the issue under control.


    Anastasius Member

    Let us know how it turns out.

    stlmatt Active Member

    Well, its been a few day since I flushed the plants and they seem to be doing better. I still had some lower leaves fall off, but I think those were the ones that had already been damaged. I have not noticed any new leaves drying up, so I hope this helped the situation. Thanks for all the advice.

    skunky33 Active Member

    Looks exactly like Magnesium deficiency, which is the most common deficiency. LSD might be a shedder during flower IDK. I think it's a mixture of the two. Put a couple table spoons of epsom salt per gallon and water.

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