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Explain Like I'm Five... The Process

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by Handil, Feb 1, 2017.


    Handil New Member

    In California...

    I would like to get into the cannabis industry as a grower, cultivator, whatever the correct term is. Starting small (a completely new setup in a 4x8 Gorilla), and expanding over time until I have a small / medium size commercial operation. Although I'd love to make millions (who wouldn't!) my short / medium term goal is to quit my full time job which makes 50K a year, and grow full time, replacing that income. I've been reading and researching daily, but have some California specific questions I hope you all can answer for me. If anyone who has been in a similar situation wants to lay out the general process and steps toward my goals, much love. I want everything as above board and legal as is possible in what seems to still be a somewhat gray market. I have my medical card.

    The question(s) that is (are) on my mind today is this:

    Let's assume that I've got my tent setup and operating very well (I don't). I've managed to obtain some good genetics and had an awesome grow(I haven't). Now I'm sitting on a couple pounds of flower (How do I legally hold that much?). How do I legally sale (can you even call it selling?) to a medical dispensary or delivery service? Do I just walk in with a sample to various places until someone bites? Do I have to join them somehow, or is there a permit I need?

    Please, before anyone responds with a smart ass "Google it" response, believe me, I have. Perhaps I'm not looking for the right things, but I haven't been able to find a simple or concise explanation of these questions. Plus, I have limited time in a day, and have been spending most of my free time just figuring out what I need to get off the ground as far as growing goes.

    I'll be adding / asking more questions as they arrive, so sub if you are helpful and experienced, or are looking to similar answers!

    Explain - merely answering a question is not enough.

    Like I'm 5 - means friendly, simplified and layman-accessible explanations - not responses aimed at a literal five-year-old.
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    First, read the actual legalization law that passed, Prop 64. Read every line. You can probably skip the parts that pertain to testing facilities and large scale grows.


    Then, if you still want to move forward, talk to a lawyer.

    They will have the answers to all your questions above, which you will need to pay for. That info is hard to obtain, and critical!!, therefore it has a value. Expect to pay if you are serious about it. Its just cost of business.

    This will cost more money and take far longer than you imagine. Just be prepared. You can do it if you are diligent, patient, and committed
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    By the time you learn to grow well enough to start producing any decent weight the green rush will be over and pot will be selling for $20/lid like the good old days. :)

    Good luck but I wouldn't give up your day job yet.


    cool2burn Well-Known Member

    Last I read Cali was not issuing grow licenses until 2018 Oregon is the place to go to grow
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    ThePinkElephant Member

    Go to Instagram. Find The Jungle Boys. Realize that it's too late to be a small time grower. Weep.
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    visajoe1 Well-Known Member

    I've seen hundreds of weed videos over the years, but never remembered names. Until Jungle Boys. They do not fuck around. Wow. What they do is for real. Berner is also for real, but he isnt the type to broadcast his shit. He was one of the creators of cherry pie, and is credited for creating the girl scout cookie strain. Plus his music thumps
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    ThePinkElephant Member

    At one point I was thinking about 100k to really get into the game as a serious player. Now I realize that number is closer to one mil.
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    Bad Karma

    Bad Karma Well-Known Member

    Correction, Berner has created exactly zero strains. He bought some exceptional buds for his dispensary, found some seeds in there, and grew them out. That's were GSC came from. Cherry Pie, which the breeder was still working on at the time, is the strain said seeds came from.

    The only things Berner has done are hype shit up and overcharge people.
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    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    Fuck yes. Thats all you do. Your sample would be a pound though. So there is probably 4000 dispenseries in California, you have a pretty good shot of getting rid of a couple of pounds if you grow the super sexy!!!! Oh yea and then there is the patients that might need meds.

    zshamrock Member

    $$$One Million will get you up and running $$$and believe me, it doesn't stop there. I wish there was an easy way, but then again, if there were everyone would already be doing it.... personally I was AMAZED at how much a buddy and his mom spent setting up a legit storefront... good luck... seems a partnership ⚯ is the way to go...

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