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    Kryan Member

    My first time trying to clone was yesterday I followed the rockwool guide but I used seed starter plugs instead. The one looks sad and leans over today. Can I do it.with plugs? I used bionide rooting.powder. http://s7.directupload.net/images/130212/oy3fcknx.jpg

    Frisko Active Member

    Are those branches from the mother plant? or did you just simply cut off the top from it? cause by the look it looks like u took the tops. Can't clone the tops bro.

    Let me know if it aint tops.

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about,the tops? You can clone any part of the plant thats long enough and has a few nodes.

    From the looks of it,those cuttings might be getting too much light. I dont know what youre using for light but raise it or put the tray further away. I assume you have it under a dome or something to keep the humidity high,right?

    Kryan Member

    I don't have a dome on it temp is 75-80, humidity is 35-55%. I will dome it on lunch when I run home. I had 3 bulbs a I've them about 6 inches up 23 Watts each h cfl. 2 6500k 1 2700k. Before work I dropped down to using 1 6500k and 1 2700k.

    Kryan Member

    Oh and you are able to clone anything with at least a node to resume normal growth. However I used the bottom most branch on one and second to bottom on the other. The whole cubby is 75-80 so I dun need a heat pad right?

    BustinScales510 Well-Known Member

    No, thats plenty warm. I would imagine its the lack of humidity thats the issue than,and yeah just one bulb is fine because they need very little light before they have rooted. Mist them with water and mist the dome and cover them,hopefully they will perk back up.

    I can usually tell when its humid enough with mine because there is a little bit of condensation on the sides of the dome,but if its too much,like water drops forming I open the vents.
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    Kryan Member

    I put the lil tray inside of a new empty chicken bucket for now and gave them a misting with a lil h20 tap that sat for 36 hours or so and dropped down to a single bulb 6500k

    superstoner1 Well-Known Member

    Can't clone tops? Tell that to the 16" clone I took from the top of a plant I was tossing. It rooted as fast as any of the other 20 i took from different locations

    Frisko Active Member

    @Bustin Idk man, I tried cloning my tops, all of them died like they didn't get any water... They had plenty of water though.. So that's why I thought you can't clone the tops.

    Sorry about my mistake.

    jonathanfrost Member

    you can clone tops no problem. get that humidity up. get a dome. people recommend anywhere from 70-90% for clones. you'll get a variety of answers which i imagine means they all work. i've cloned with a dome and plugs and clonex with no problem. also, note that it is common that they will droop in the first week.

    Tribalbandit Active Member

    You can clone any part of the plant, i personally prefer to do micro clones with me they tend to root faster, dont waste money on a dome, I have a nice tupperware where i put my clones in and then just put plastic film wrap on the top making sure no air gets in for the first 2 days it is very important to have high humidity my case I am always in the 90s at this stage
    After 2 days I will open them for a few minutes and let some fresh air in and close the plastic film but this time leave a little opening for air to get in, then start to let more air in gradually everyday, works for me and dont have to buy no dome, The only thing I use is a heating mat

    DonPepe Active Member

    a small DWC cloner will work far better from my experience. it takes any guess work what so ever out of it, you just cut them and stick them in, dip in gel first if you like but its not required. big clones, small clones, veg clones or flowering clones it works for all and requires nothing to care for, just put them in and forget for 7 days (changing the water once or twice helps but again not required, if you don't it might drop your success rate a little)

    I wrote up a huge step by step on how to make it for 37$ on this site but who knows if anyone could ever find it again. It requires no humidity dome and gives you roots in 3-6 days with 95%+ success.

    HighTimesJudge Member

    Cloning tops? but why i ask lol cut off 10-20 smaller ones near the bottom, and keep the top on the damn plant duhh... Seems to me you need a small domed tray as they need moisture, also look like they were just stuck in you need to press them tightly get puck contents nice a firm against the stalk providing stability otherwise the plant will work to fix stability problems instead of quickly rooting! They need dark just as important as they need light, dont over do!

    Frisko Active Member

    I had a 90% humidity, healthy plants, some over powered clone stuff mixed with water made in a lab. 4 top "clones" died, 3 "branch" clones survived.
    jeremy 707

    jeremy 707 Member

    DWC cloner DIY x ,aqua shield , change res weekly, 63 to 71 ,degree water root's n soil 14 day's
    jeremy 707

    jeremy 707 Member

    if good below surface condition's are met and top's wither away on you it's to much light they really need next to nothing to root

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