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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by shake shake, Oct 16, 2009.

    shake shake

    shake shake Member

    man look i been doing soil and i wanna go ebb n grow.. i have been studing and poking around with asking guys this and that to come up with what i wanna do and how i wanna do it. now i was thinking i wanna go with the ebb and grow system but i wanna grow trees. wanna try to get 6 to 8 oz off the tree but the more i dig into ebb n grow iam finding it wont support trees. think i should stick to soil and just do 8 to 10 gallon pots. either way i gonna be topping or fimmin. tell me what u guys thing about whats in my head and if iam right or wrong about it.

    thanks guys grow and live!!!

    GreedAndVanity Well-Known Member

    If you like soil but are not sure about making the plunge into hydro I would recommend coco.

    DND Well-Known Member

    Ebb & Grow can support trees, you just need to use a bucket system. You can buy a pre-made system or make one yourself. Google Multiflow or Ebb & Gro. I like the latter because of the black buckets.
    shake shake

    shake shake Member

    thanks guys. i been reading about the ebb and grow but i didn see them wit the 5 or 8 gallon system. and coco is somthing i would have to check up on too. i read of some guys using coco and getting some really build yeilds on here grow trees in them( 2 to 3 libs) and its what i wanna go for. i may have to call some of the ebb and grow companies and ask them. seems like dwc looks to be a great system for trees to.

    do anybody know the pros and cons to the two systems first hand?
    i only wanna do 5 to 6 trees but grow them out maybe do a lil topping and fimming.

    cammelspit Member

    I have 3 48 site ebb & gro systems. I use hydroton as a substrate. I would recommend doing nothing else!!!:roll: These are freaking awesome! As far as the 8-10 gallons go you don't really need them to get the yields you are looking at. I use the 2 gallon official buckets and get really nice results. I have had my babies as tall as 6 feet or so in them and it works great if you use hydroton seeing as there are allot of space around the balls so the roots have plenty of room, much more then a 2 gallon soil grow. These systems come with 12 bucket kits included so your size system at about 6 plants you wont even need to get a single expansion kit.:mrgreen: If you REALLY want to go BIG with the babies then just get the controller not in a bucket and install it into one of your choosing. Just make sure you are using the same size buckets as the control bucket you are using.

    I wish you luck dude!!!:joint::peace:
    shake shake

    shake shake Member

    hmmmmm thats a thought. you have pics to show what your set up up dude? i would love to see.

    cammelspit Member

    No offense my friend but im still not entirely OK with any pics at all... I have em' for records but im a little paranoid. I might fake an IP with a proxy and set up a new user ID just for pics tho... Maybe... I'm just skiddish...

    headbandrocker Well-Known Member

    Just ran ebb and grow buckets by cap and loved em!
    Very easy<and i am very lazy-veged one month witch cost a pretty penny but well worth it

    treebs Active Member

    Can you tell me your watering schedule and ppm per week I am a total newb and just started a cap system. having some drooping problems but only with three to four out of twenty four. put some nicely rooted clones into hydroton, ph is 5.9 to 6 and ppms 750. trees are about 7 to 9 inches tall light on 24 hours, constant 75-79 degrees good ventelation 2 1000w air cooled mh 12 under each. any help would be great

    GrowingfortheGold New Member

    Can't tell you much for watering with hydroton. For coco time 1/24HR after 1 month+ 2/24HR...I heard rockwool was 4/24HR hydroton is prolly closer to that than coco. 6 weeks in veg 1.6EC...

    As to OP check out my current grow: 4 plant tree grow in coco peat grow. Ebb and Grow system with 5 gallon home depot buckets.

    My previous grow was the full 48 site 3 gal each...expanded ebb and grow system in coco chips.

    billybob88 Well-Known Member


    bowlfullofbliss Well-Known Member

    I run an ebb and grow too. Great system.

    Without a little more information about your clones you put in, and the medium that those are in, if any, I can't really tell much about your drooping. When I used to start my clones in rockwool cubes, there was always some shock as the roots were learning to go down into the buckets. I always had to baby them, and do some top watering to make sure there wasn't tradgedy.

    Try spraying them with Wilt Pruf, that's the ticket for me during transplant or stress. I love that stuff.

    Personally, I keep my ph at 5.5 to 5.8 from start to finish. The ppm's don't sound too high, if you're using hard water, but if its RO, it's probably a little hot for early plants. With a little more info about your methods, nutes, etc I can tell more.

    tricka Active Member


    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    Quit trying to post so much in threads that are many years old. It doesnt make you look cool to have 92 posts more than a 1 poster.

    Plebscrubber Active Member

    Just build your own custom setup, dont use a pre-fab commercial product

    You can build it to suit your needs and space perfectly, and save a heap of money

    researchkitty Well-Known Member

    Quit trying to post so much in threads that are many years old. It doesnt make you look cool to have 92 posts more than a 1 poster. (Twice in a month, go figure!)

    mrduke Well-Known Member

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    researchkitty Well-Known Member

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    i81two Well-Known Member

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    Plebscrubber Active Member

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