DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

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    I don't know what Rapid start is... Best to just keep it simple... Stick with the plan. .. Kill slime, remove slime, kill slime again lol.. inoculate... continue maintenance with microbe tea forever more. ...
    No point in chucking all these ingredients in for the plant when its shut down.. And you may have to throw rez if you don't win first battle. .. It's easy to smash through bottles of nutes if your constantly doing rez changes. .. moral is don't add your expensive stuff in til she's ready... We just want to focus on battling the bad guys out of the root zone... bomb the shit out of Em (sterilization) send in the infantry (microbe tea) conquer occupy govern (RE)..
    Only be cleaning rez whilst you have problem... I haven't cleaned any of mine in close to a year...I just change mix maybe a wipe out at the end of the round if it doesn't get turned around straight away.. It's not a sterile environment so I don't see the point. .. So long as my herd is in dominance that's all that matters.... As far as your light goes.. Get it as close as you can without getting burn...Get a fan to move fresh air over the canopy..

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