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Dry Ice hash better than bubble bag traditional?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by aeviaanah, Aug 28, 2011.


    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Been using bubble bags with water and ice to make my hash, i get pretty good quality stuff. Was wonderin if the dry ice would make a higher quality grade hash. Thanks...

    allSmilez Active Member

    If you did that you'd just freeze the leaves, and then they'd break off in to minute particles and mix in with the trichomes. That's the point of water and ice, leaves don't freeze and the trichs break off, therefore separating the two.
    kbo ca

    kbo ca Active Member

    dry ice hash comes out quite nice. It is similar to the look and texture of dry sieve hash or kief. I think i like my bubble better. all smilez i doubt you have ever made dry ice hash after reading your post.

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    thanks for the reply...so you like the dry ice method better than water and ice?
    kbo ca

    kbo ca Active Member

    no, i like water extraction better. Although you get a fuller flavor from the dry ice. For my own reasons i like bubble hash a little bit better. Both are quite enjoyable

    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    thanks for gettin back....i appreciate the response. take care

    hobby79 Member

    So here is the plain and simple pro vs con of each that I have found

    Water method

    -very nice hash flavor, more like the stuff I have seen before
    -very good quality
    -more resins etc like tar
    -different grades of hash all in one go

    -unless you are super skilled ninja this method makes a freakin mess. and leaf water does not comeout of the carpet
    -drying time
    -lots of work/ two people can take half a day

    Dry ice
    -very very very easy shake and bake
    -no freakin wet mess to spill on the carpet
    -higher yield (depends on the screen I used 90 then 120 and got more than with all my bags.

    -depending on bag not as concentrated
    - can get plant matter (if you shake way too long)
    -dry ice can be hard to get (in US most grocery stores have it lol)
    -hash more like kief

    Overall opinion/winner

    dry ice its easier faster cleaner and really not that much a difference in grade...plus its dry so you can really smoke it as soon as you are done. ALSO its easier to bake with....I made some dry ice brownies off some trim and thought i was on acid. I was ruined for a good 8 hours

    smoke, peace, happiness
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    aeviaanah Well-Known Member

    Nice writeup man...+rep. I recently tried the dry ice method and i have to agree with everything you are saying. It seems the bubble bags let through more turpenes (flavors). Is this what your experience suggests?
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    glann Well-Known Member

    Can you press the hash powder that comes out using Dry ice method?
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    gioua Well-Known Member

    yeah it comes out kinda wet esp with dry ice.. but once you allow it to set out for a bit or press as it's wet... I have notice I can use my wifes nylons after putting the weed in a mason jar a frezzing the weed it just crumbles apart.

    pushu Member

    I have never seen dry ice for sale anywhere but then I have never really looked for it. I don't think it is sold in grocery stores in my area
    where would one find dry ice for sale?

    MacGuyver4.2.0 Well-Known Member

    CO2 gas is frozen at 109.3 degrees below zero and then it sublimates... it does not turn back to a liquid. The 'moist' factor that some may notice is actually the difference in temp between the now super cold screened kief and surrounding air tempertaure. This may cause a tiny bit of condensation on the kief but nothing major. Perfectly dry and ready to go in less than an hour in most cases. Not the case with bubble ice water methods. I just did a post on this yesterday as well, had some trim stinking up the freezer so had to get it out of there. Remember though, that heated and pressed kief is hash and that's a mfg product and the amounts you are allowed are still governed by CO amendment 20 (if from CO). Still- 2oz. of kief (or hash) is a boatload!

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    mindphuk Well-Known Member

    around here, Publix stores carry dry ice. The place that refills my co2 tanks also make dry ice to order.

    snew Well-Known Member

    I find dry ice in grocery stores too. You may find them at a fishing supply place, party supplies would be good. If your younger they may want ID in some states. Kids are making little bombs that have hurt a few people, its posted where I live.

    I use dry ice most of the time just because its easier than bubble. And it is dry I use mine right away if I need to.

    A few key points. Don't use more than 3-4 oz in a 5 gallon bag. You don't have water pushing the trics through. With more the it gets bunched up and the trichomes will all be mixed in the leaves (been there done that).
    Use 1 larger micron size. I like the 160. As you shake trichomes will fall off. The longer you shake, the harder you shake, the more leaf matter you will get in the hash. So;
    Start by shaking very gently,
    Keep the bag close to the glass ( it spreads more than you think)
    Start in one corner of the glass and work your way gently over the glass.
    After you went over the glass once, scrape glass and look to see if the color is consistent
    If your gentle you may be able to do this 3-5 times before you start seeing even a hint of green.
    You will continue to see more green as you go along.
    It will be light and fluffy and smells great. You can crank a small batch out at a moments notice.

    If I had a machine I would do bubble but I don't have the back to do it by had or with a drill slow enough and long enough. So this will do for now.

    Good Luck
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    jonnynobody Well-Known Member

    I'm a dry ice hash lover for all the reasons mentioned above but I have seen some wet bubble hash that looked more like blackish brown type of tar and that's something you definitely don't get with DIH method.

    For those of you that have done both methods with the same strain, which method produced the more potent stuff? I do understand the wet method has multiple grades but the same can be accomplished with DIH method utilizing smaller micron bags and shaking for less time. BTW, I think most wal-marts and meijers sell dry ice in these little bins next to the big ice cube freezers in the front of the stores. It's about $10 for a chunk which I think was 3 o 4 lbs and it turned out to be way more than I needed but they only sell it in one size here.
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    sonofdust Active Member

    I also have a bad back but, I love my hash. I've been useing an old floor modle drill press I picked up at a yard sale for $25.00 and a paddle pit used for mixing dry wall plaster at home depot for like $9.00. set it up turn it on and 15 minutes later, start pilling bags. I made a plaster disc. 16"x 2" thick to pull the mosture outta the hash quicker. A sheet of onion skin paper over the plaster so's not to get the plaster onto the hash. works for me and my back..

    D3monic Well-Known Member

    I don't get why everyone does the dry ice over a piece of glass.... wouldn't it be easier to just shake the kief into a black bucket instead of the shit going everywhere? Or is there some practical reason I am missing?

    Deehok Member

    Easier sure but probably more of a pain in the ass to get all your precious kief from the bottom of a bucket then to just scrap it off a table. We have a massive wood table I use when I do my dry ice shit.

    My only issue is I'm not getting near the amounts you see the guys in the videos getting when they do theirs. I mean its dumping out everywhere for them and I have to work it to get just a bit and then I get plant material here and there. Any advice on that one?

    jemstone Well-Known Member

    kbz says to make sure to break up the dry ice first. I haven't done it yet though myself.

    2Kushed Active Member

    Dry ice makes the worst hash of all the methods. There are ways to improve the quality, but it takes time.

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