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Droopy and Dying - Super Silver Haze Clones - Overwatering or Underwatering?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by jaket1984, Jan 1, 2010.


    jaket1984 Member

    My setup:

    Lighting (CFL) - 2 120W Bright light, 2 120W Soft Light, 1 300W Soft Light. Running 24 hours



    Soil -

    Water - Tap water left to sit for 18-24 hours.

    Additional Nutrients - a few drops of superthrive in a large spray bottle, add water, shake and mist onto the plants and soil before watering.

    Temperature & Humidity - 76-82°F -- 40-50%

    Hour 0: I transplant from clones in rockwool, I loosened up the rockwill a little bit, and planted them level in my grow medium.

    Hour 6: Estimate internal temperature of grow box has risen from ambient (50°F) to warm (~80°F) Leave for a couple hours & come home with a temp/humid gauge.

    Hour 12: Found out after about 12 hours my box had gotten far too hot. I felt it and assumed it was low 90's, when I finally got my thermometer and humidity gauge up and running, I freaked out---- 106°F - I immediately shut the lights off, and went "fans only mode" -- moved the plants out of the light for about twenty-five minutes.

    I jigsawed out a large vent hole on the side of my box, hooked up a 12" fan and started blowing on high speed through the new vent.

    Hour 13: Plants back in box, lights on ----- Monitoring temperature hourly, box is at 59°F, about level with ambient.

    Hour 14: Box is at 69°F

    Hour 15: Box is at 75°F

    Hour 16: Box is at 78°F

    Hour 17: Box is at 80°F

    Hour 18: Box is at 79°F

    Hour 19: Box is at 78°F

    Hour 20: Box is at 80°F

    Hours 20-36: Climate maintained at a steady 79° and 40-50% humidity --- All three plants showing new growth, and wider leaves. I mist watered the plants with about 30 ounces of water/plant.

    Hours 36-48: At work - As I get home, I find one plant is very sickly, leaves drooping, looks completely shut down.
    Plant medium felt dry to touch, I gave the plant some water and added straws on the side of the pot to draw more moisture down to the base of the plant.

    Hour 57 - Wake up, check plants:
    Find this :-(

    The sickest one is near the vent hole. I'm wondering if it got a dose of cold air? I'm confused.

    From most healthy to sickest:


    So when I found them this morning like this, the soil again felt pretty dry to the touch. I assumed it was probably lack of water. I applied a good dousing of h20, enough to soak the soil and drip out the bottom.

    Hour 64: Maybe I'm seing things, but might be signs of improvement?


    :clap:Help save my babies!!! :clap:

    riddleme Well-Known Member

    leaves droop for both over and under watering the difference is the stems will droop as well when under watered

    you should be ok

    SwissCheese Well-Known Member

    Water them more often.

    jaket1984 Member

    Ok thanks!

    Thanks, I'll try to dig up a better water schedule on the forums.


    riddleme Well-Known Member

    don't go by a schedule

    water em when they need it

    learn to see what they want by what they do

    there is no one schedule fits all, lots of things work together to decide how much and when to water

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