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Does Boiling Water Change Ph?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by LoopDigga, Nov 13, 2007.


    LoopDigga Well-Known Member

    Now, I know it lowers the chlorine levels and takes out any bacteria and a lot of minerals that are in excess, but does it make the Ph levels go up or down? I don't have a meter, or else I would try on my own. Thank you.

    capncash Well-Known Member

    PH is a function of temp so it would change as temp changes but i dunno if it would change it permanently.

    DOT5262 New Member

    once it cooled back down.... common sence says it wouldent change... but idk....

    LoopDigga Well-Known Member

    anyone with a ph meter wanna try for me? me love you long time?

    paddy510 Well-Known Member

    i used a color ph test kit, not a digital meter, only tells from 4-8 in .5 steps.
    started with a ph about 7.5-8, light blue
    boiled water and while hot it had a ph of above 8, dunno how much since color chart only goes to 8 but it was really dark blue and blue is 8
    after it cooled down it was back to light blue again.

    Dubbuh Well-Known Member

    no one told the guy thanks for testin and tellin? shame on you. thanks paddy i was just searchin about this and u answered the question. ty.

    dael22 Active Member

    According to me and water chemistry, ph values of boiling water would be less than normal temperature water.

    bobthefish442 Active Member

    according to the link below, the ph of boiled water will go up due to a loss of bicarbonate ions and H{++} ions. It also says that the ph will go back towards whatever it was originally but not quite make it there, resulting in the water having a permanently slight increase in its ph.


    Its in the article towards the middle/end.

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