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Do you put a dime in your grinder?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by icepik1234, Dec 3, 2008.


    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    I recently got a 5 piece grinder. My friend keeps a dime in his 4 piece sitting in the bud compartment. It seems to really help knock kief down. I was wondering if anyone else did this?

    storm22 Well-Known Member

    that sounds like a great idea, but if i can expand on it, i would put a few glass screens in it i think they would really help the keif shake off! heres a pic i found off google for some i think would work http://www.wongbong.com/catalog/images/25_Jax_Screen.jpg
    i say use those because some would poke the screen and the dime is dirty

    icepik1234 Well-Known Member

    yeah i could see those working. i just had a dime handy. I washed mine before(i doubt my friend did though).

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