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Do marijuana plants re bud after you harvest them?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by JeremyC, Aug 15, 2009.


    JeremyC Active Member

    Do marijuana plants after they bud once n you cut the buds off will the plant bud back out again? If so how long will it take and how many times can you get buds off of them before there dead?

    siccmade420 Active Member

    usually wen a plant is ready to harvest the grower simply chops the whole plant and dry it like that. i actually dont know wat would happen if you just picked off the bud and kept it under light.:leaf:

    ijustgrowGREEN Well-Known Member

    yes, it's possible to revegitate a plant. read up on it in the faq.... good luck

    justsmoking Active Member

    Yes only one stain that I know of and that's dj shorts Flo it can be reharvested after you pick off the first mature buds ten days later they grow back. Haven't done that yet oh and I hear you only want to do this twice anything more wouldn't do any good because there weaker every time. I have six flo right now in flower week two and they're very impresive!!!

    ablepipeman Active Member

    it is possible to reveg most plants. you wouldnt want to do it more than 2 - 3 times. like justsmoking said it will get weaker in how potent it is.

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